Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. Hmmm who's idea was that one? Hmmm. . . :D

  2. A response by Keven R. to Kevin R...... The seats are like 209 from Jegs/Summit. Jegs sell them with the different color inserts. I want to learn how much the weigh and how hard it is to mount them to our cars before I buy a set.
  3. i think the jegs seats flip forward for access to the back seat while the summit ones don't.
  4. The idea of getting air from the side scoops is awesome! :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Thats the best use of those things I've heard yet...the only other thing I've seen done with them is when people will make ducting on their race cars to cool the brakes using the scoops. Trust me, bringing air in through them for twin turbos is WAY cooler!
  5. thanks guys....i will try to weigh the seats, but mounting them is gonna be an issue. Ive been working on the pass side, and i will be cutting the mounting brackets off teh stock sliders and welding them to the sliders the seats came with.
    The drivers seat looks really really easy, as i will just have to drill a couple of holes, as the power seat is a diffrent mount. As a plus, i will retain my power seat and it will look cool!

    Also, yes they do flip forward, there is a lever right at about neck level on both sides.
  6. This whole project sounds absolutely awesome! I can't wait to see the end results, people aren't going to know what hit them. And that side scoop idea is not only practical use of those "brake coolers", but is really ingenious! I love the creativity. :nice:
  7. Yea, that idea of using the side ducts for the turbo is cool. I'm starting a twin turbo project myself, So I will be paying close attention to yours. Just getting the car out of the shop from a full body make over and paint job..
    maybe when I finish mine I will come upand we can go import hunting together..
  8. Whell, i finally finished my seats and my pedals! The seats came out great, and best of all, i was able to retain my power drivers seat mount!
    Also, my turbos will arrive monday, so it starts then!

    here are the seat sliders that came with the jeg's seats, and here is what i had to do to modify them...i had to cut the brackets off the stock sliders, and weld em to a angle iorn, then to the jeg's sliders.
    The driver's seat was easy, i just drilled 4 new holes in the power seat slider, and bolted it up!

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  9. Wow man those seats look great!!! Your doing a lot of work, no wonder why i never see you on aim anymore. HOws the height on the driver seat slider?
  10. sweet dude those are some nice seats that is definately a choice i would go for espically for the price. keep up the good work.
  11. I WANT AN ACTUAL WEIGHT!!! Also do they sit higher then stock seats? They look badass
  12. ok, yes they DO sit higher, but its fine, and im 6'......probably about an inch?...i could lower the drivers seat if i want, it came with some 3/4" spacers that i could easily take out if i want
  13. #1 Why do you want the turbos in that location?

    #2 Please tell me what you used to paint the interior.

    #3 How does it look compared to the stock interior black?

    #4 How much hp/tq are you trying to make.

    #5 I hope you are a member of DIY Junkyard forum.

    Even though you will not make as much hp/tq as you would mounting them in the engine bay. You have a very unique setup. Just make sure you use the correct size piping to minimize turbo lag.

    Everyone interested in turbo should read this.

    Also CDC Sidescoops would look and work perfect with your idea :)

    Goodluck and Goodjob so far.
  15. Goodluck and what did you do to your stock motor and is it for sale?
  16. green, what size/type turbos are you going to be maybe?
  17. Whell guys, i got my used t3's today.

    Garrett model number: TB0335 (T3 series turbo)
    Compressor Trim: 50
    Compressor housing A/R: .42
    Turbine Trim: 69
    Turbine housing A/R: .48
    Horsepower Capabilities: ~275hp
    Internal Wastegate: Yes
    Water cooled: Yes
    Wastegate setting: 7 psi

    However i have a few problems. i ordered some 4 bolt t-3 flanges off ebay, and they dont fit. Can you guys tell me where i can find flanges for my Inlet, Outlet, and Coldside Inlet? here are the pics.

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  18. aww aint thoes little turbos so cute. Just wannt run up to them and hug 'em