Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. good luck keep posting pics !!!!
  2. ok guys an update. I just took some pics:

    here is the Engine bay basically how it will look when im it looks just like i got a cold air kit on it.

    Here is the intake tube coming down the pass side fender area into the intercooler
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    Here is the Intercooler mounted..dont mind the car's paint. Its getting a coat of DSG when im done.....The intercooler fits perfect in the opening of the saleen looks badass IMO.
    View attachment 506294
    Here is the Intake piping the runs from the intercooler, over the driver;s side tire area and down the wheel whell to under tha rocker area
    View attachment 506295
    Here are just some random pics of the twins....the pass side is mostly mocked up, the driver's side still needs to have the waste-gate housing modified like i did to the driver's. I showed a pic of how the system really dosent hang down too much at all.
    View attachment 506299
    View attachment 506304
    anyway...right now ill be working on getting the exhaust inlet to the driver's side, and welding up the wastegate housing.

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  3. somebody's been freakin busy.. sweetness!
  4. That looks really good!

    Is that a Supra with waffles?
  5. HAHA ya it is. Those are my stock rims that my brother bolted up to his 87' turbo supra. looks much better than the ugly rims it has IMO
  6. hey since you have water cooled turbos. DId you think about putting in a water tank in the trunk, and runnin a pump to feed the turbos with water.. THen just fill it up with ice water at the track. WOuldnt be practical for street driving, but i bet it would drop ur inlet temps alot with the ice

    look awesome so far btw, keep up the good work!
  7. damn man...not a bad idea....i wasent even planning on using the water jacket at all. I dont know how much that will drop temps tho? Anyhow at some point i will have to try that....i would need another pump tho. Thanks man
  8. Everything is looking good except that damn screen infront of your intercooler... It needs to go
  9. Good to see progress. Should be quite interesting once you fire it up.
  10. woa ****, dude, that looks freakin awesome. keep posting them pics!
  11. Man i have to give you Props, you are doing one of the most original turbos i have seen on anything. In the pic, i like how they don't sit any lower than mufflers on my car do....

    One question i came up with is, your cold side piping is gonna be where? On top of the exhaust, or what, and are you gonna have any clearance issues once the suspension is loaded up again... Not doubting you in any way just trying to educate myself.... good luck and great job so far...

  12. whell, im still figuring out the cold side. what i think im gonna do is have the pass side go straight up into the rear seat area, cross over, then come down, merge, then meet that blue 2/1/2 pipe along the side skirt area...more pics coming...
  13. SWEET progress man! I'm impressed so far!
  14. Nice.. How many HP will it be pushing? ..and when are you gunna come to do my car up like that?
  15. The white Supra with the pony wheels is teh balls.
  16. you have definately got one nice set up going. i have been following ur thread since u started it and i must say u r doing a very nice job.
  17. You are doing a GREAT JOB my friend! :nice: Def a unique set up and if it works well then you can make some $$ fabbing those systems up.
    Props to you big time b/c I know how little room is under those frigg'n jack stands. It sucks everytime you go under and forget a socket or something! :mad:
    We can all just dream we have a lift in our garages though like Andy :D

    I'm excited for you to complete this up successfully and accomplish your goal and vision.
  18. holy crap, im subscribing to this right now.....ive always wanted to do the JYTT setup on my SN95 since i never finished it with my fox but the biggest problem was getting all my stuff(smog, a/c, etc)
  19. It is funny, I have been thinking of doing this setup for a long time too.
    However, I was thinking of doing a single setup instead of a twin. STS Turbo Systems is the company that does remote turbos and their site says that an intercooler is not required since the intake charge cools through the extended piping from the back to the front. So, back to my main question, would this setup work with a single, let say, T4?
    BTW, you are officially my new god, I PRAY TO YOU!! :hail2:
    If this works, I will be right behind you!

    Here are some more sites to look at:
  20. whell, i know sts says you dont need an i/c, but i wanted to run a small one anyway, a pipe cant cool off that much. Next, the reason i did twin is because its easier. The stang has a dual exhaust. You could do a single, say like a MP t-70 or somethin with a real small a/r. but then you run into having the crossover tube near the axle, if you mount it where i mounted mine.