Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. Dude thats pretty badass, keep the pics coming!
  2. where did you buy the carpet from, and how is the fitment? thanks
  3. that def. looks awesome...maDD props for diy..whats the part number for those seats..i needa pick some of them up! :)
  4. whos doing all the welding for you? thats my biggest problem....i've been thinking about getting a welder from harbor frieght and just practice.
  5. my dad bought a tig welder last fall at the carisle swap meet, and its the best tool hes bought.....ive practiced so much on it, and its such a useful tool.....definately go for it, and practice a lot :D

    green machine- the setup is coming along awesome man....big props to you for being the first to attempt this kinda setup on here......i cant wait to see it when its all finished man :D
  6. This might be a stupid question, but what is up with the gold/orange-ish paint? :shrug: Just curious
  7. HAHA i just saw that a minute ago but cound't figure out what kinda car it was
  8. sweet ass mang!!
  9. keep those posts comming, im very interested. please post more pics, we all want to see what you're doing under there!
    great work man,
  10. You do realize you will get almost no power from the turbos in those locations don't you?
  11. ^...we will see about that :D

    Anyhow, i finally got em fully piped in and mounted. Its complete right out the tail-pipes. I also got the oil line from the sender fitting through a tee, out to the back of the car, i just need to do the return line now, finish my cold side outlets, and make up my cold inlets through the side vents( i ordered some zenon scoops to go over the area to give me some more room for filters

    Anyhow, here are the turbos, You can see where i cut the wastegate flange and welded in some 2-1/2 tubes to go straight out to the tailpipes.
    Here are the mounts i made to hang the turbos....nothing special, just holds em up there:
    Pass side with oil feed hole
    View attachment 505971
    Drivers side
    View attachment 505973
    Here they are fully piped in
    Here are the outlets where the turbos connect to the tailpipes
    View attachment 505981
    View attachment 505983
    here is a pic of the 5/16 oil feed line

    tommorow im gonna work on getting the cold side done now that i finally got all my flanges

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  12. wow, that's looking sweet

    i thought you were going to run a second oil pump?
  13. Man, that's some crazy s..t!!!! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i am very impressed with you. youve come a long way since i remember a couple years ago. dont listen to ol' boy up there talking about not making power. anything is better than stock. good luck, i hope everything goes flawlessly :nice:

  15. you do realize your a dumbass noob right?

    Looking good man, i hope u make it up to the track this fall with it so i can check this thing out.
  16. I have three things to say:

    1. dude, you are flying through this build! :nice:

    2. you might consider wrapping the headers and exhaust. it might heep some of the heat in which would help the turbos spool better.

    3. :hail2: :cheers: :)
  17. :rlaugh: :lol: low blow
  18. We should petition the mods to change your status from Super Stallion to "The Real MacGuyver"

    I second the wrapping. Do it all the way to the turbines, anything helps!
  19. I have to admit you had that coming, Jeff7477. Read up on STS turbo systems and you'll see why this setup can work.
  20. nice progress. i look forward to the next set of pics.