Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by OrangeMustangGt, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. yea i was thinkin maybe you could make some sort of a skid plate to go unter the turbos, so if you accidently get a speedbump thats taller than expeected, you wont scrape the turbos on the ground.......
  2. looking good :nice: you are doing this fast.
  3. You're making really fast progress on this, I'm gonna repeat everyone else and say I'm really impressed with how your project is going.

    I bet you love it when idiots like that last guy tell you it won't work, makes you work even harder. And when traffic down 495 doesn't suck so bad maybe I'll make a fieldtrip before you put her away for the winter.

  4. I am also all for this project. When it is done and kicks ass, the ones who critized you will now look to you for guidance in how they can make one too. :nice:
  5. Oh yeah, do you have a tubular K-Member up there or plan on one?

  6. i agree with him one hundred percent. everyone always seems afraid to go out and do what has not been done. i applaud you, and look forward to seeing this unfold. definately going to be a nice sleeper car.
  7. Thanks for the praise guys!
    I am gonna wrap the tubes....I allready bought a big roll of wrap, in a few places things are gonna get tight, Plus it will keep the exhaust hotter to the Turbos

    Also, ive def. thought about a skid plate, and i am gonna make something up while im down there.

    And, no tubular K-member....diden't need one. Its gonna turn out badass...The engine bay looks just like any N/A car, even the headers and h-pipe are stock i get to keep my a/c, P/s, etc...Whell i can bolt my cats back in when i need also.

    But thanks guys, I finished piping the cold side intakes up from the turbos into the rear seat area, but i am too lazy tonite to take i will tommorow, plus i hope to do my cold side pressure piping tommorow also, which shouldn't be hard except for the two 1-1/2 to a single 2-1/2 merge i gotta make...but that shouldent be tooo hard.
  8. You're doing an awesome job! I definately will be one of the ones asking for help when I turbo my stang.

    So far, how much has this cost you in parts?
  9. WOW !!!! :hail2: :jaw: i just have 2 say HOLLY S^!T THATS GREAT!!! I want to know what this is running u in parts if you dont mind us asking. But good luck 2 you man. You do know what your doing i will say that much. Whats ur coast 2 do it to mine :nice:
  10. the parts including the new maf and the new 42lbrs comes in whell under 2g....about 1800
  11. Im really tempted to do a turbo set-up.. but not sure if I want to attemp it with a stock bottom end..
  12. the stock bottom end can hold up to about 450-500 hp. that is enough to hold up to at least 12# of boost.
  13. There are a few guys on TM that have gone 10's with the stock block, which is the weak link, and theres even a guy going for 9's. Craziness.

  14. Very awsome!!!!!! I see you getting this patent pended soon hahahaha

  15. Will he lose power because of the mounting locations? Yes, but will it be a lot better than stock? YES . Is it a wicked install? HELL YES!
  16. Green, how bout an update.........
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  18. Carcraft and Popular mechanics said they didn't feel any lag with rear mounted turbos on an LS1 F body Camaro... :shrug:
  19. sick...

    Gonna have more pics sonn?
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