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  1. AHAHAHA sorry for the wait guys...I seriously wanted to post everything up @ 2:45AM tuesday morning but GEEZE was I tired....and yesterday I didnt wake up until 4:50 PM :eek: . Then we had to replace one of the oil return lines because it leaked about a quart of oil over the trip...guess the huge truck recap tire I hit caused the flare to break LOL.
    SOOO after doing everything and taking it for another spin, I didnt get in the house until late...stayed up unto almost 4AM putting the vid togethor and uploading it to youtube. :rlaugh:

    Anyways without further delay...the DYNO GRAPH :D (ill scan it for a cleared view maybe tomorrow)


    440RWHP/462RWTQ @ 8.0PSI
    468RWHP/481RWTQ @ 9.2PSI :D X100000

    And the dyno vid :D

    And this is the right click and save as version

    right click, save as...

    Anyways again SORRY for the wait guys, and thanks for bearing with me!

    And I also want to throw out a BIG thanks to everyone at Modular Powerhouse! Those guys rock! Very friendly and very knowledgeable....took time out of their VERY BUSY schedules to just chat or to answer our questions. :flag:

    And not to mention Tims sick tune :D
    I drove 2000 miles to get this beast tuned....let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT! :nice:

    Car will bust the 315s loose in 3rd gear @ around 65-70 MPH...but before it breaks loose, rearend squats WAY down, front end pulls up, and you sink into your seat about 1.5 inches :D

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  2. :drool:

    nice job and congrats :nice: so, when will I be able to purchase the Cody TT kit?
  3. Simply awesome. It looks like all the hard work and money paid off.
  4. So who was the closest???? What do we win!

    Nice mustang. Most people don't have the will and / or skill to complete this project. Well done.

    I can't imagine what your car will be capable of with a built block and all of the other goodies. (did Tim give you any indication?)

    Enjoy it for now and start saving for a new block to really blow some minds!
  5. :hail2: .....need I say more?
  6. Damn good guess from the other thread :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Man, mine wouldnt lay that down because of you and your forged crank :D

    Excellent numbers and awesome we just need some track vids and "horsing around vids"....
  8. Nice job man :nice: :nice: .
  9. that is just plain sick man!! :hail2: to tims tuning!
  10. "horsing around vids"

  11. :eek: :drool: :hail2:

    Good job dude! That is AWESOME!!
  12. Congrats man. Very nice.
  13. When do you start selling your kits?!!!

    Congrats, those are some nice numbers. Are your cams the VT stage1 N/A or turbo?
  14. HOLY CRAP! Congratulations big time! I bet you are on cloud nine right now.:nice:
  15. congratulations's great to see high-output 2-valves showing what these little engines can do..great job :SNSign:
  16. nice job your car is way sick:nice:
  17. Screw work blocking youtube man, I don't want to wait til 530 when I get home to watch this...
  18. Nice job Cody. :nice:

    BTW, do you miss the Novi at all in the slightest? :shrug:
  19. sweet set up man, you should be proud.