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  1. i know you hear it a lot, but excellent engineering my friend. excellent.

    there you go guys, you can do it.
  2. That makes me feel good :D . Takin down the LS1s with 65 less CI haha...only think i really have to worry about are the darn C6 Z06s, those beast should put up a good fight.

    What sortof power did the STS car make?

    Guess its time for you to slap on that 2.2 eh? :D
    Dont worry, you will probably pass right by me again soon enough...I dont plan on buying a forged engine for quite a while :nice: .
  3. My buddy's Camaro made 460whp on 8lbs. His car had all kinds of tuning issues too. You matching his #s or coming close on a 281 is VERY impressive IMO! :eek:

    BTW, the person selling me the KB 2.2L changed his mind and decided to keep it. So MPH is hooking me up with a KB 2.6H instead. :)

    Yeah, I said the same thing when I had my KB 1.7L installed and tuned rotfl

    I thought 350rwhp would be enough....yeah right!

    Once you get boosted, you've just begun! :D
  4. Alright, just checked.

    WillDuhhBeast guessed 438rwhp 462RWTQ for the closest overall #s @ 8PSI

    Player4lifeov guessed 463RWHP 481RWTQ for the closest FINAL #s.

    Im going to PM you guys directly the link to my speedo shot vid (when I make it :D) FIRST...well BEFORE I post a thread. So you guys get to see it first...if you want to call the a reward LOL. But it beats getting nothing :D

    ^And thanks to the above posters! Im glad everyone likes it!
    Hopefully sortof like Bill said, what we did here can sortof be an insperation to anyone reading this, that you dont have to be a big company to make something that works and you dont have to have mega bucks to make alot of horse power. :nice:

  5. WOW thats one bad blower :eek: ! Should make PLENTY of power for you :D .

    And yes thats a VERY true statment lol....boost is AWSOME. Its cool with the turbos you can feel how the car is running under its own power for a second and then everything just magnafies like 5 times when the boost comes in :hail2: . Really makes you appreciate how much power you have I hopefully ill stay VERY happy with it :D

    And this was my dads first time to experiance boost...he absolutly LOVES it. Hes sold on turbos now LOL, and is planning on turboing his 306. I didnt think id hear him say it...but he kept on saying how much FUN it was to get into boost...and he was the one that was really wanting me to get on it, and would be grinning ear to ear like a kid in a candy store everytime I did. That in itself made this whole project worth it to me :flag: .
  6. Awesome man, glad it all came together well for ya. I wish my dad and I had those same opportunities as you and yours do.

    Check your PM's also.

    I have been through two motors since we both started down the FI path. It has been a long time coming but it was MORE than worth it I know. those are great numbers. to have built that on your own has to feel great.:nice:
  8. Congrats....nice work :nice:
  9. Thanks all :D And yea I am definatly blessed for me and my dad to be close....Its sad that its a rare thing :(

    Tim (timeless2 on here) was kind enough to host the vid for me (larger 20.6 MB right click and save as version) so I put the link in the first post.
    And here it is again for anyone wanting to save the dyno vid.

    right click, save as...

    Let me know if there are any issues :) .
  10. I feel the same way about the feel of turbo boost as well Cody. I'm used to driving turbo cars so everytime i get in the mustang I give in half throttle in a gear and expect it to "pick me up",or as you said magnifying power. Its kinda like the turbos are meant to be there in the first place. Congratulations on all the hard work, and great results.
  11. I should ban Cody for the prior thread title. :nono:

    Before my title edit just now, it was:

  12. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Are you serious???? WOW noone even picked that up...not even me, I read everything a few times to check spelling too!

  13. Congrats man.. your making me even MORE antsy of getting my new motor broken in and taking it down to tim @ MPH for the tune.. My last setup netted me 422/402 and i was happy.. then the motor popp'd and that was the end of it. forged everything, alum. block, P&P heads and a Single T-70 (was going to do twin 60's but couldn't find any for a decent price).

    again, Congrats.. guess i need to start a "guess my HP" thread too. LOL.

    ohh, but i'll be pushing 22psi :D
  14. I hate you :p

  15. HAHAHAHAAA.... your like the 100th person i've heard say that in less than 24 hours :lol:
  16. fine ill be like 101... I HATE YOU:rlaugh:
  17. and i hate all u FI guys cause im still bolt on:mad:

    but ill race yall with the bike:D
  18. Do you have a complete break down of the parts you used and prices spent? What kind of gas mileage are you getting?
  19. oh btw'll hear "that shortblock is a time bomb", "you better be saving for a shortblock", or some variation nearly anytime you post that you're on the stock shortblock. trust me on this one :lol:
  20. i think your SB will be fine. my buddy drives the CRAP outta his KB car and it is still holding after 4 years with 445/467