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  1. ^ I know LOL I can hear them already *bites finger nails* . I think I should just put in my sig "YES its a stock shortblock and YES I know im past the '420HP' limit"


    Silver bullett, the best I have is on my car domain

    As far as cost...after tune and all parts, even buying the material to make the headers 2 times LOL, comes out to around $7000. I already had the K member before that too...that with the CC plates cost around $1100.

    TOTAL INCLUDING PURCHASE PRICE, iv spent around $37,000....about what a brand new 04 cobra would have costed me when I bought my car LOL.

    Not bad IMO...especially since I bought the car BRAND new for 25K. Imagine if I had bought a used stang...wouldnt have hardly anything in it, money wise :)
  2. i paid 16k for my car when i bought it. i remember telling my wife "everything is already done to it. i cant think of anything else i would like to do to it.":rlaugh: :rlaugh: now i have a file on the desktop that lists all the mods to my car. i have now offically put more money into mods than i paid for the car. including the purchase price i'm at $36,000:p thats 20K in mods and i'm not even close to being finished!!!
  3. is that on stock block ?
  4. F'n sweet dude. Congrats x10000 on designing a great turbo setup for your car
  5. Now it's time to :Track:
  6. +1
  7. Great job very nice setup!
  8. x2

  9. you're welcome to be the #2 member in the "yeah, i'm on the stockblock" club

  10. Yea im curious as to what it will run in the 1/4...I really dont know how "fast" the car is, because already I cant "feel" the G force from the pull anymore LOL. I would like to TRAP 120+ not overly concerned about ET because ill be on street tires (sumitomoz....and I had major traction issues with them N/A, but ONLY at the track. Street they hooked good, a rolling second wouldnt budge them.) Ill be running the car hopefully on May 3rd I believe....Friday [email protected] Houston raceway park in Baytown.

    Although I do feel my back sink into the seat and the rear tires still haze in 3rd and are searching for traction just after I switch into 4th for about a second...I just dont feel that pressure in my chest anymore. :shrug:
    SOO I usually judge power in my car by its traction, because I quickly become immune to the G forces it seems...lack of traction says im good right now BTW. LOL

    Only thing I have raced is my friends 05 Ninja 500R and from 55-110 I pulled him by 5+ CAR lengths from what it looked like. His bike is about as fast as my GT was before the turbos went I dont know if thats good or not. My main fear is from the miss my car if a coil pack is going and im no longer making 468RWHP haha. I just dont know, maybe im crazy :rlaugh:

    Thanks again all for the complements guys and girls.....they are GREATLY appreciated :)

    Saleen...WOW 20K in mods huh? Jeeze lol
    And yea I remember watching your buddy lay down rubber @ 70MPH over and over again LOL. That instant torque is definatly fun, but you would have to run around on DRs all the time so you could use 3rd gear haha....but man if I got full instant boost my car would be ALL over the road LOL. Definatly would have some SERIOUS traction problems, as it would be instantly spinning from a 65 it is right now it starts going and doesnt break them loose till around 75 I think(dependant on what MPH I hit it at...all I know is that when it hits full boost in 3rd the tires come loose) , but then its already near the top of 3rd which allows me to hook back up. So its not bad....but definatly enough to have fun with :D

    BTW guys im going to try and make a vid for you guys tomorrow :)
  11. LOL yea and I would ask for some custom CTs saying something like that....but I KNOW we wouldnt end up with anything close to what we wanted, so im not going to :rlaugh: .

    Well you have been running around for what 2 years? Saleens friend for 4 years. Tim told me of a 96 or something that was supercharged and had 120K on the clock. 800 mongoose cars running around with 350-460RWHP and none have lost an engine directly due to being blown. (low oil or previous engine problems/noises from the VERY FEW that lost an engine)

    I think these engines will be fine as long as there is no detonation or preignition and the tune is setup correctly....that seems to be key.
  12. I'll see this car running at FFW in lovely Baytown, correct? I'd hate to knock you out in the NPI ;) I'm actually considering entering and seeing what I can end up with (bracket racing with an auto ftw;))
  13. ^Well not exactly haha. It costs a rediculous amount to run durring the FFW event. I wait until the FFW event closes down for the night and it switches back to HRP....If I recall correctly the price to run your car instantly drops by about $100 LOL.
  14. It's been around 3 years on my setup and I'm still waiting for the BOOM :D lol
  15. thats alot of boost for 460-480 rwhp??? What kit is that?

  16. ya know, i can't even remember but about 2 years sounds right, lol. i beat the piss outta this car & it never flinches. so far the only thing i had happen is the stock rear end grenaded when i was on slicks (i expected it sooner or later & also have an extra tranny laying around :D). i'd ran the car a solid 20+ times on the slicks yanking the fronts, so i wasn't too mad when it happened, just disappointed i didn't get a clean run in the good air :mad:
  17. ^
    What was the car running if you dont mind my asking? I think our cars will run about the same, so hopefully that will atleast give me a general idea what I could run on slicks.

    And what RPM do you shift at? Tim set my rev limiter to 6200RPM, but I only shift @ 5500-5600 in an attempt to make the engine last longer.

    No kit...or atleast not yet hahaha. Me and my dad custom made it :nice: . And for a 2V, doesnt seem like too much boost...we kept it low to keep everything safe. 1.2PSI bumped up power by 28RWHP, so the #s should climb quickly as boost increases.
  18. You going to get you a hotel in the Baytown area when you are down? Are you sure that it costs so much to enter into the races for FFW? I didn't think that some classes were so expensive, however I haven't really looked it up.