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  1. I Think they charged us $140 to get in and race, the time I decided to run in whatever class I could. I had to be entered into a class, but since I dont like bracket racing I just done the ET tests lol.
    I know crazy not to run...but for some reason I just will not bracket race, just dont want to do it haha. I like running flat out, not having to pedal or anything haha.

    Yep we stay the night up there....I LOVE seeing all the stangs that are up there :drool: . Its pretty awsome :)
  2. I have no choice but to bracket :rlaugh: You going to let me take your car down the track ;)
  3. Wow and thats with 11PSI :D . You jump on it alot?

    And d98GT....Not a chance :D :rlaugh:
  4. hmmm... well good luck with it, only time will tell i suppose
  5. nice numbers man :nice:

    be careful out there! i'd be hesitant to romp on it too hard.
  6. Oh yeah. It's probably been to the track close to 60 times easy in the last 3 years. Not to mention all the 2nd-3rd gear pulls on the dead country road on the way home every weekend :p The boost guage only says 11psi until it hits 5500. By 6000RPM it's at 14psi :D aww yeah.. lol

    *BOOM* :eek:
  7. cody you have a PM