Twin Turbo Hennessey Vipers are FAST!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MadHandle8169, Jun 26, 2003.

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  1. This is a little off topic but I think you will find it worth wild to read.
    I'm coming back from Sea Side Boardwalk so I take Rt. 37 home and I'm just cruising down the road and their are absolutely no decent cars to even catch a race and I didn't feel like going home because the night was still young. Then, my friend who has the 2000 Firebird Formula spots a 2000 or so Viper GTS. He was in my car due to low gas and insufficient funds. But, anyway I am just cruising next to this Viper just drooling over it. I throw him a rev but I didn't think he would respond. So I was just driving next to him and he floors it. The car was very fast but I didnt think anything of it at the time. So I am following him down rt. 37 and he makes a turn down Fischer Boulevard. So I play catch up and we come to a stretch of road about 1 mile long with trees on both sides. I'm cruising next to him in 3rd and he is at my bumper so I punch it and I hear this guys engine which was very loud. This guy flew by me like I was parked. He put about 15-20 cars on me in 3rd and a little bit of 4th. I was just in awe of this car. So I finally catch up to him at a light. He tells me not to worry about it because its a Twin Turbo Hennessey. My jaw just dropped. We were cruising next to each other talking about his car and I think he said he runs an 8.2 but that seems ludacrious. Just wanted to share my story. Sorry it is so long.

  2. Hennessey is going to jail for a long time.
  3. What is he going to jail for?
  4. He ripped too many people off. One was lawyer in which Hennessey ripped him for $135,000. Never cross a successful lawyer. Guy was out of state and sent a friend over to the shop. His friend discovered the car dismantled and most of the stuff on Hennessey's daily driver. Long story but over a dozen people will testify. The shop is closed.
  5. Hennessey cars are wild....8.2 is a little fast but i believe his newest TT car did break into the 8's....and yes Hennessey is a bad man...basically Vib got the story right....he is a Viper tuner based in Texas(where all the Vipers are wild BTW) well he takes care of his own very well(meaning people in the state) but if you live out of state or far enough away that you are shipping the car and leaving it with him for an extended period of time watch out.....for example you order a Hennessey Carbon Fiber air box and the Venom aero package....he is known to sell off your stock airbox, hood, side skirts, rear bumper, front bumper etc...and let your car sit there for months(years in some cases) with out touching it....or sell your stock pieces to motors etc....even say he has done engine work(cam, stroker kits etc...) and not do it while charging you....while the cars that do get finished are absolutly AMAZING;the Venom 800TT Motor Trend tested awhile ago would have hit 200mph in the standing mile test but the track was wet and they didnt want to push it all the way....anyways yes they are fast...but if you ever own a Viper(and he isnt in jail) stay away, there are other Viper tuners making faster cars that are stand up guys
  6. I never knew that about him and his company. I personally would rather have the Lingenfelter Corvette. It will run nines... :drool:
  7. His car went high 9s stock, no way they go 8s without turning the boost way up and running slicks and race gas.

    He was selling the parts of the customers cars while he did the upgrades and keeping the money and taking 6months or longer to do the turbo kits.
  8. I'm disappointed to hear all this bad stuff about hennessy (not that i'll ever be able to afford one). Where'd you guys find out about all this?
  9. the best place to find this stuff out is from the source...go over the the Viper club of America website forums( and ask them for details about John Hennessey, or Hennessey Motorsports
  10. They had one of his cars in Car and Driver supercar shoot out and they had a one page write up in the front about all of the bad stuff that happened and he claimed to be fixing. Look him up on the BBB.
  11. Yes hennessy is kinda a scum bag. Its sad really, but on the other hand I hear lingenfelter is a really nice guy. He even puts his own 3 yr 36,000 mile motor warranties on the car he mods. You cant go wrong with that.
  12. yeah good thing we have good tuners like rousch and saleen even though there $h1t is expensive
  13. I read a thread there about a year ago posted by a guy who's car Hennessey had for almost a year. He had the car shipped there, so he finally travelled to Hennesseys shop and found his car behind the shop, with two flats, a broken windsheild, and the hood and some other parts missing, including some custom parts......the thread ended up going on for a long time and it was filled with horror stories.
  14. I am going to put the suit on for this one(flames)..not sure where to start but those Vipers especially a Henn., shouldn't be compared to our cars. Yeah they are balls fast, but the price tag will rip your you know whats off. Plus, a twin turbo v-10..its not fair :nonono:. I just think it is amazing that people think these cars are like :worship: . I may think wierd but just take a new Cobra or an S-351, S-281, etc, put some money into the suspension and some mods(hell you could spend another $30k and not catch the Henn's price tag) and you will have a mustang that will corner better, accelerate out of the turns with the best and put some groceries in the back seat...oh yeah thats right, you also have a back seat in a stang. Before I get executed by everyone :flame: I would like to end this reply with saying that the Henn is disgustingly god it is, but it would be a truley amazing car if it cost even $50k, not the ridiculous tag they have now. We might as well talk about the Lamborghini Murcialago's. That special they did in Car and Driver or whatever...they put an extract $100k or something into that Viper. I could make an 89 lx do back flips for $200k :rlaugh: I am just a die hard mustang fan...i think they are truely the most under-appreciated car by magazine editors, car people, etc. Bombs away!!
  15. Mystic you are very right about what you said but the point is its Mclaren challanging performance for about 150-175k whereas the McLaren is a 1 million dollar also look at this...the Viper's aftermarker is almost non-existent compared to ours....they are paying over a grand for a catback....and headers can even cost up to 3k....the parts are only made by a few "Viper Tuners" such as Hennessey, TnT, Sean Roe, Ligenfelter, Doug Levin, and a few choice others....most of the companies we talk about like Edelbrock, Holley, TFS etc...dont even make a single part for the Viper let alone a whole performance package ie: Edelbrock etc...all the parts they can buy are fabricated by those tuners and not mass produced like the MAC CAI, or the flowmaster mufflers.....the Viper has only been around since 1992 and its lofty price tag means they are not bought as often as the mustang, and most that are stay pretty much the potential for profit in the Viper aftermarket is parts are few and far between and the prices are high...

    this was not at all a flaming towards you, because i agree with EVERYTHING you just stating the other side, because i dont think you looked at it from the Viper guys side
  16. Yeah I guess I can understand that to a point. :nice:
  17. Um..... is everyone still unaware of the fact that I raced a TT Viper in Bricktown? Yes, we covered the fact that Hennessey is a dirt merchant. :banana:
  18. Yeah, Hennessay and TNT are both close to where i live, its so unfair to have these hopped up Vipers and then CXI and MTI like within 5 miles of me. So many fast GMs like right where I live. It was insane before the big K-Mart bust in Houston if any of you heard about that.
  19. hey Vib did you ever know that 1 guy I heard about that lives in Miami and drove his Viper everyday that had some really sick #s on it
    I heard from Gus that 1 time he ran it at Moroso on street tires it went like mid to low 10's at about 150 MPH with tires spinning almost all the way down the track and it was turboed as well.

  20. Yea one time at Moroso he power shifted into 3rd with slicks and broke the rear. Most people break them on the launch.
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