Twin Turbo Hennessey Vipers are FAST!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MadHandle8169, Jun 26, 2003.

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  1. saleen is pathetic? everyone and anyone who's ordered from there has gotten the shaft, including myself and ive spent a fortune there.
  2. Although you are mostly have to rememeber it is still a Mustang with a $hit load of money dumped into it. The Viper is in a whole different class than a Mustang. Yeah yeah, buy a $35K 03 Cobra put $5,000 in mods in it and it will walk a Viper. That's awesome and all, but it is still a Cobra. If you wanna start that argument that a Cobra will beat a Viper for less money, then you could always say that a Hennesey Viper will walk a Ferrari for less money and blah blah blah.

    Please don't think I am knocking Mustang's/Cobra''s just that you can't compare the two.
  3. Twin Turbo Viper

    I'm looking for a Viper to build our twin turbo prototype on. I'll put our stuff up against Hennessey's any day. I won't rob customers or rake them over the coals by adding an extra $20k in profit just because they drive an expensive car. To me it's just another hot rod and I love them all. We use the best components, parts and materials available, I don't cut any corners and when I get done, I add up the costs, add a fair profit and that's what it costs, regardless of what it's for.

    So if you know anyone with a Viper that might be interested, have them contact me ASAP, I'll be ready to start in the next 30-45 days. They can send me email to [email protected].

    Here's a post I made earlier about our Mach 1 Twin Turbo:

  4. How about this. You decide that you want to do twin turbo's on a mustang and I loan you my car for a prototype. :D

    Here is my email address, [email protected] :nice:
  5. Induction Concepts doesn't do 5.0s :shrug:
  6. Hennessy is slow LPE will walk all over them... I was at LPE about 2years ago and they had a GTS hennessy viper in their with the 750rwhp package that dynoed real low#s ... The guy at LPE said the car was still stock the intake had never been off the car.... What a joke...LPE run high 8s and still sound stock and get 24mpg... :hail2: TTvette
  7. We've already done the mustangs man, all v8's from 96 to present.
  8. We might at some point in the future, after we have covered all the late model stuff.
  9. Yes, LPE makes great stuff, I hope we might be compared in the same sentances someday, that would be a real honor. Their TT stuff was made by Incon though.

    We already have an '04 Z06 scheduled and if we can't find a Viper in time, we will do it first. But I was hoping to do the Vipers first, then when we get to the Vettes, we can knock out all the LS1/LS6 stuff (Vette/Camaro/TA), that way we are staying in the same 'family' instead of jumping around.
  10. And Stangnet don't do free advertising.
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