Twin turbo kit for the 2006 Ford GT (and GT500??)

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  1. Twin turbo kit for the 2005 Ford GT (and GT500??)

    A while ago I came across a site with some guys doing a twin turbo kit for the 2005 Ford GT.

    I was thinking that the same kit would fit the GT500 since it's the same base motor.

    I JUST CAN'T REMBER WHERE I FOUND THAT SITE!!! (but it was a company also doing Stang tuning)

    Anyone??? :shrug:
  2. this canadian company is making a twin turbo for the '05 Mustang GTs. it's the only company currently that i am aware of making a "twin" turbo for the mustang.

    haven't heard of the one you described making it for the Cobra Shelby GT 500 & Ford GT.
  3. The site I saw had a picture of a GT engine with a couple of turbos mounted on the sides...

    And then the text said: comming soon....
  4. It is unlikely that such a kit would fit the gt500 engine since the heads are different (twin cams on the gt500 and single cam on the gt). Since the gt500 is already supercharged why would you want twin turbos?

  5. why twin turbos? because they would produce a ton more hp because of their efficiencies.... its like going from an Eaton to a Kenne Bell/Whipple, you change to those because they're more efficient. same goes for going turbo, more efficient..... a twin turbo'ed 5.4 with around 12psi on pump gas would produce somewhere around 700-800rwhp. enough said.
  6. Uhh.... the Ford GT DOES have twin cams, as he correctly stated. Now the MUSTANG GT doesn't. :owned:

    Now go to the corner and pick out your favorite color '90 Geo Metro and drive it for the rest of the week as punishment. :D :rlaugh: :lol:

    J/K I see this happening all the time. I told a guy at my office I got to ride in a new Ford GT, he said big deal, I test drove one over the weekend, took the wife and kids in it off the lot. I asked him where the kids sat? He said, in the back seat. I said Ford GT's don't have back seats. He said yes they dooo..... (lights on!!) YOU SUCK!!!! LOL!!!!
  7. Twin turbo GT

    Since this post is so old I guess maybe most people saw the twin turbo setup on the GT in the 0-200-0 test in Car & Driver Feb. 08 which Heffner Performance did the turbo setup and ended up with almost 1100 hp @ crank. Heffner said in the article that is one of the very few engines that he really doesn't have to do anything to as Ford did it right. He doesn't have a setup for the GT500 yet but maybe in the future if enough interest. I am still waiting to see what kind of numbers and performance they will get from the new Whipple that is out. Anybody heard anything?
  8. It won't fit at all, the TT GT puts the turbos where the muffler used to be. I may be turboing my GT500 later this year.