twin turbo tuning help please

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by zach3825, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. okay there was a lot of talk about the $1300 twin turbo kit on eBay some bad some good but nobody really had one so i bought it to try out. the only problem i have is tuning the turbos after i install them, my local mustang shop wants 600 dollars to tune it and I'm out of money other than a few hundred dollars i have a 1989 mustang GT i dont know if they make an SCT or something of that sort for something this old or not.... i just need a cheaper way to tune them so i can go ahead and install them.. if you know a cheaper way to get them tuned please let me know. thanks zach
  2. what kind of max hp u think u can get out of the turbo kit and do u have a link to it im intrested in 1
  3. Dude, you have alraedy cheaped out on the turbo kit...DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON THE TUNE. $600 is not expensive in regards to a custom tune. Pony up the cash and pay for it...or SAVE some more money until you can.

    What size injectors and MAF sensor do you have? Fuel pump?
  4. well since your down on cash, best thing to do at the spare of the moment is to retard your timing and adjust your fuel pressure to keep things on the safe side. what size injectors do you have, fuel pump, meter ? your a/f gauge should read around 13:1 at idle cruise (correct me if wrong) and 10-11:1 WOT. whole point is to run rich and not leaning out. i have a friend of mine that didnt have an actual tune and it ran good until it was time to get one. the car made over 670rwhp...not on a stock block of coarse. the economy is tough dude so thats when the "old school method" comes in
  5. how exactly do i retard the timing ??? the shop that i took it to said that i should be pushing about 700 hp to the rear wheels at about 14 pounds of boost but its not a stock motor by any means it is a 336 stroker all forged internals and a lunati 680 fireball cam and i have 42 # injectors and i high pressure fuel pump and the link for the turbo kit i bought is
  6. I hope for your sake you're not running a stock 5.0 block?

    Why on God's green earth would you spend all that money on the block and turbo kit and risk everything with a backwoods tune!!!???!!!

    Also, an FYI....those injectors will only typically support ~ 550 rwhp.
  7. When i did my twin turbo install I didn't have any money left either so i went with a custom chip from cundn racing .com I put the link at the bottom, they have a paper you print off and u fill it out about ur car and they make one . It was $300 and the chip holds 6 tunes if u want them. Just my 2 cents

  8. Im new to tuning so Im no expert here but, you could buy a TWEECER RT and tune it yourself. Im going to be installing a turbo with a meth injection kit soon. I have the TWEECER RT and the amount of tuning options with that thing are amazing. with that you can adjust your WOT ign timing and not sacrifice idle and light cruise fule economy by retarding your base ignition timing
  9. Pass on the TwEECer RT and buy the Moates QuarterHorse. All the same features, for about half the price.
  10. Either way your going to have to spend money, I have a tweecer RT simply because I bought it when it was first out many years ago, now the new thing is the Moates which is nicer because you can tune on the fly and see the effects real time, whereas the tweecer you make changes, log and come back to change again, which isn't unusual but the moates is definitely nicer to have.

    The other aspect of do it yourself tuning is the learning curve, which for myself to this day is still hard and a process. If you get easily frustrated and don't want to spend alot of time researching, tuning and testing than this isn't the way for you. Also it's almost a must to buy a wideband o2 and afr meter to complete the package, so look to shell out 600 or so for everything.