Twincam twin turbo SVO done and running great

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  1. I am starting the EBAY add soon and took some pics hope you like and i hope its worth something.I need to make the filler fr the airdam and make a nicer looking upper radiator hose other than that ill turn the boost up some and be done...Hal








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  2. VERYYYYYY NICE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Why would you want to sell it BTW?

    Also my computer desk is wet now thanks to you lmao :D
  3. Sick ... video clips?
  4. Im selling it since i have a friend to pay back and its all i have worth selling.Id rather sell the car and pay him back then have him upset with me. I love driving it. Handles so nice and feels good with just 5PSI of boost. at 10 PSI it is as fast as the old setup with 20PSI......Hal
  5. So is that a Volvo head? Why twin turbo instead of a bigger single (i'm assuming less boost lag?)? You've at least gotta share some video of it kicking ass before you sell it! I'd also love some nice pics of it in daylight for my collection :D
  6. Man that's nice.:nice:
  7. at 10psi it moves very swiftly..and at 15 its very fast. i didnt have anything to run it against yesterday but it impressed m,e enough to not want to sell it (but i still am) and every 2.3 i build here on out will have a Volvo head lol.......Hal
  8. it sold..nomore TFs for me for a to buy a big gun....Hal

  9. Damn man you've got some strong will to part with a beauty like that. Do you have any build info/pics you should share about the head swap? I've read about it some but not much in the way of what it really takes to get the head to mount up. I know where at least 10 of these heads are and i could get any one of them for as little as $40 so if i could get enough info to put one together i'd be all over it.
  10. man I have always loved that car!! I think its prolly the only svo with an irs as well!! well ill check ebay alot here soon and hopefully my vert will sell, maybe ill get lucky and buy it from ya!!
  11. any idea what you were putting down as hp??