Twisted wedge and Windsor Jr heads

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Decurion, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Windsor Jr heads

  2. Heads

    Im interested in the Jr heads. Do you have a part number on them? Let me know if you still have them.
  3. interested in the Trick Flow heads do you still have them
  4. Whats the part number on the trick flows ?
  5. Still have the Windsor Jrs, price reduced to $700, Trick Flows are gone. I also have a set of Crane 1.6 roller rockers for 3/8" stud.
  6. Still have 'em, now that spring is coming, time to make room for more projects. Im open to reasonable offers. I also have (2) 96 Explorer/gt40 intakes; one in fairly clean original condition, the other nicely cleaned and painted, both with throttle body. Also a set of 96 Explorer/gt40 NON-P heads in good used condition.
  7. Will the rockers work with these heads?
  8. Yes, I had the heads and rockers on my car a couple years ago.
  9. PM Sent
  10. How much for the GT40 heads?
  11. Everything is sold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.