two 05 gt`s run at the track... [video]

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  1. Thats me, man i wish i could have a rematch now, it would be a very different story.
  2. that won't be difficult to do, just go to and challenge the guy you raced... :)

  3. you had him. I know it! what was final time tho?
  4. Repost, but still a good vid.
  5. He jumped you on the line. It's hard to play catch-up.

    Did that ****-pumper actually put his hazards on ??
  6. From the looks of the video, he beat you out of the hole. Thats where you probably lost. Good video though.

  7. Not that it helps the case but no one is paying 34 for a GTO, in fact that hasn't been the price for about 4 months. And the new GT's are more like 29 since they are brand spankin' new.
  8. The GTO's tapped out. Friend had one, traded it and bought the real thing: CLK 500 :jester:.
  9. That might be good for you guys now but long term it's very bad. If they continue to discount them heavily, the GTO will go the way of the f-bodies.
  10. Car and Driver, December 2004.
    want to call a wahbulance? choked on a wahburger?
    they ran a 13.6, which bettered the GTO. They aren't as fast as a good racer that actually owns the car. But they are really consistant for a direct comparison.

    just giving you a hard time.
  11. I PAID 25,419.00 for MY GT!!! and a G.M. buddy of mine paid 34 for his GTO. If the figures weren't accurate I wouldn't have posted them. You may think that all GM lovers are smart enough to not pay that, but I know for a fact that isnt so. The GTO has a very formidable drivetrain, but the rest of the car is RICE! I'm sorry but 8 grand just isn't worth the negligible difference in performance, regardless of how it looks.IMHO.
  12. The mustang is a less expensive car than the GTO. The speed is neck and neck. The big difference in my mind is if you don't read the name badge I couldn't tell it from all the other Pontiacs. Not a distinctive look. A tired look.

  13. If he had the money for one of those to begin with he should have never made the purchase of the GTO anyway.

    And my ultimate point is that we have yet to have another documented GTO v. GT race. And GTO's have plenty of proof/time slips of running 13.2-13.6. Now this is of course due to the car having been out for a while so the documentation of its performance is there.

    Furthermore, although the GT and GTO are performance muscle cars they tend to be targeted at different demographics/styles.

    The GT is more of a barebones, give me the power and traditional fast lookign car, while the GTO is a give me the power in a comfortable nondiscreet car.

    Eitherway the proof that is out there is showing that a GTO will beat a GT by about .3 in the 1/4, maybe when the GT's get more miles on them they will be an even race.

    But until then you all have to face the fact that the GT is not going to beat a GTO.

  14. That is so true buddy you are so correct, a $25000 GT cant beat a $36000 car, BUT what would you do with a 03/04 cobra? that is valued 3-5000 less than your over priced grocery go getter :shrug: :shrug:

  15. A Cobra would beat a GTO as well as many 60K+ cars, but then again no one is going to say the Cobra competes with the GTO in comfort.
  16. first of all, the 05 gt is just as comfortable as the gto. one of my employees mom has a gto and he drives it to work alot, i've driven the car several times and the two cars are similar. as far as head to head racing, the mustang may not be as fast, but it hooks so good that bad drivers will be winning stoplight drags. the mustang is very easy to drive, my last 10 to 15 passes have all netted 1.95 or better sixty ft's. just remember, traction is the great equalizer. also i race at silver dollar every weekend, and i've never seen a stock 13.20 gto, i'm not saying it cant be done, i've just never seen it. i see average 13.50's to 70's. which is what my gt averages.
  17. I'm going to disagree of the equivalency of the GTO interior to GT's which you are suggesting.

    And as for grip, the GTO's stock tires are extremely lacking. But as you say races between GT's and GTO's will definantly be fun to watch. Its not like the GTO has 100HP on the GT's.