two 05 gt`s run at the track... [video]

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  1. He was the diehard GM guy, had the 99SS Camaro, 98C5 with cam and heads installed by Vette doctors. He wanted a change and wanted a backseat. Got the Goat did the boltons and made 317 rearwheel with an auto. And you know what the car is so damn heavy on countless occasions a red Mach 1, AudiA4, SRT4 Neon were on the ass and sometimes beat the car. The car is good for daily driving but not the supercar people claim it to be.

  2. That's me in that video. I was running stock tires at that time and since then I have had more practice launching the car. I'm pulling 13.2s at 106ish now with the addition of Nitto 275s in the rear. I should be able to drop into 13.1s if I can get my 60ft under 2.0 in the current state of tune!


  3. Bryan,

    How's it going? What are you running with the '05 now? What have you done to it! I have added more stick and more practice and have dropped into the 13.2s. I want to get into the 13.1s before I do anything else to my goat! We may head to Silver Dollar again. If we plan a road trip I will let you know via stangnet! Our next 1/4 mile night will most likely Carolina Dragway in Dec.


  4. No, I didn't put my hazzards on. That would be brake lights to slow me down from 105 mph. I'm 33 not 18 . . . and I don't drive an import! I thought the hazzard light thing was for the import guys?

  5. I've nearly beaten stock 03/04 Cobras on the street on many occasions and once on the track. I have not won against one yet, but that race is a lot closer than you think.

    BTW - I lined up with a M5 '05 GT Stang at HRP and completly smoked him, it wasn't even close. And that was on one of my 13.9 passes where I blew my launch. See my sig for my best pass so far, I'm just barely not stock, and that is with out power shifting (I don't want to hurt my baby)...Not bad for a grocery getter.

    The new Mustang is a sweet car, I nearly waited on one instead of getting my GTO. But the fact is that the car's gearing is more towards 1/8 mile or stop light racing. The top end gearing just doesn't let the new GT pull like it wants too in the back half of the 1/4. A little tuning and that will be a very different story. I look forward to lining up with more '05 Stangs in the future after their drivers get the hang of driving their new cars.

    Let's keep this rivalry friendly, they are both great cars. Mod away guys, I will see you on the street. :D
  6. :lol: lololol, this is funny, all of this bs about the GTO P.O.S. looking good, and going anywhere as near as fast as a 03/04 cobra. Anyone living in the Houston area with one of the goats can meet me at HRP on Friday, Dec 17, and I'll bring an 03 Cobra (mostly stock), and my 05 GT, and I'll have a video camera. My buddy will be bringing his 04 GTO up there for the hell of it, cause he already knows better. Hopefully I'll see some of you GTO fanatics at HRP. Oh yea, did you notice what this website was: stang Everyone else is welcome to come.
  7. Who cares who wins. The GTO guys are going to bash the Mustang guys and the Mustang guys are going to bash the GTO guys. The GTO has a LS1 with a ton of aftermarket parts out. Once some companies start making parts for the Mustang its going to be a totally different story.

    We should be bashing the import guys before we bash the American guys.
  8. To the person saying Audio A4's keep up with GTO's, your on something brother.
  9. Good Vids! Welcome to Stangnet.
  10. What does "nearly beaten" mean?
    And are you running against '03/'04 Cobras on your DR's? Fact is...a well driven Cobra will convincingly beat a GTO. Last Tuesday at Atco, I ran 115mph (12.8 on a horrendous 2.3 short time) in my stock '03 ( has a removed silencer and stock replacement air filter). I'm going back this Tuesday...on a set of 17" MT ET Street Radials.
    Since last fall, I never expected '04 GTO's to run quicker than 13.5's. Now some guys are running 13.2-13.3's. The '05 Mustang just hit the street, and I highly doubt the times being seen are representative of what well-driven, broken-in cars will run. ~270rwhp and 3450lbs., these cars should run mid-13's in the 103-105mph range.
  11. Sounds like a challenge has been issued to the Houston GTO owners.

    And as previously mentioned, I'll be at Atco Tuesday evening. Gates open at 4:30, racing starts at 6:00.
  12. Hate to tell you, yeah it raped the Goat hands down. Pretty sad when SRT4s are on your bumper at high end. That race was at a 120mph plus. Why do you think my friend took the loss and got out. Car has to have a twinscrew, or insane cam and heads package to be competitive. Just because it has an LS1 doesn't mean its a world beater.

  13. So far I have not encountered an SRT4 that would hang with my car (2 at the strip and one on the street) Two had Stage 2 and one had a stage 2 and larger turbo with 22 lbs boost (which = no traction in the 1/8). Audi A4 or S4-nope not yet anyway! I'm sure that some people will spend thousands to make their car faster and we all will get beat by someone else (that's what racing is about-you win some and you lose some). As far as modded GTOs. We have heads/cam/exhaust goats running 12.2s and some even faster with procharger/maggie/vortec/NOS, ect. It's all abpout who wants to drop the $$$ down to have the faster car. Frankly my big $$$ go into real estate and investments. Some of it goes to cars buy the return is not as good :shrug:!

    Your friend that sold his goat and bought a CLK 55, he should have never bought a GTO if he had that kind of money to by the Merc! Bad investment practice . . . Also, those cars are not even in the same class. I mean, I would by the goat and drop 10K in mods and smoke the Merc any day and then take the others $50K and buy land that would be worth 3 times the initial investment in a few years! :banana:

    Just my two cents!
  14. Well, I have run in the 13.20's, 13.30's consistently in my BONE stock '04 GTO. GTO's are going for $26,500 and cheaper. I took 72 months 0% interest and paid $27 for mine. If I didn't take the special financing, it would have $26k.

    If I line up on a track with a BONE STOCK '05 GT, I will win period. And yes I do have the stock BFG all season radials.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the new Mustangs, in fact I like them. But they aren't faster or as fast as the '04 GTO's, sorry.

    Oh and if someone paid $36k or $34, or even $33k they got completely ripped off.
  15. Like I've said before, if you couple the fact the GM is discounting the GTO that heavily and they've still only sold 50% of what they expected, it won't be too much longer and we'll be talking about the GTO in the past tense like we do the Camaro and Firebird.
  16. Maybe I am missing something here, but why are GTO people posting here talking about how fast their car is.. when this is a Mustang forum?
  17. Yes, you are correct. This is a Mustang forum but it is also a bunch of people that like cars. In this thread we are having an adult discussion about the 05 GT and the 04 GTO (if you watched the video you can see why people are heated). We have Mustang owners, import owners, ect. post on our forum and unless they are trolls we don't mind the company and discussion!

    What do you drive?
  18. If at all possible, I will be there. I will show you exactly what my "POS" can do. I came in here complimenting your cars and saying I look forward to racing more of you guys and you call my car a POS? Very nice.

    We have plenty of Mustang guys that hang out at our site and we don't cry about it. I am just over here trying to have a grown up conversation with other enthusiasts, sorry if that offends you.
  19. Nearly beaten probably was not the best choice of words, all I mean was that it was close, a car lenth or less. The last 04 Cobra I ran barely took me at the finish line because I took him off the starting line hard. Keyword in your post is "a well driven Cobra", I never said the people I have run are pros, I am just speaking on what has happened so far. I have yet to be "smoked" by a Cobra, not saying it can't happen, but it hasn't happened so far. And yes, all my runs with Cobras I have had my DR's which gets me the jump on the 60ft and is the only reason I have kept it so close. :D

    I completly agree with you about the 05 Stangs. I know they are going to get faster and I am looking forward to it. :banana:
  20. How Could you allmost beat a Cobra when I can run Half a second faster in My Mach 1 with a crappy 2.24 60ft???