two 05 gt`s run at the track... [video]

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  1. LMFAO ... FAST GTO ??? why do you even bother to argue in this forum. You are just flatout outnumberd by people who love Mustangs and see no comparison to the GTO. Most Mustang owners see your GTO as an overpriced rice body car with a decent motor. You will never win your argument in here. Go play in the GTO forums ... LOL
  2. From what I understand (which is admittidly very little) a well driven mach does not get beat very badly by a cobra either.

    I took my sig off of here because I was changing it, I will put it back up later. I assume you are refering the "half a second faster" to my 13.9 run? That was one of my worst runs. My best is 13.198 with a 1.877sec 60ft. Not spectacular, but I am still not getting blown away by stock cobras. Most of what I am referring to with the Cobras is stop light racing, where my drag radials give me a huge advantage and where it does not give the cobras much time to catch me.

    Look guys, I am not trying to claim my GTO is as fast as a Cobra, I am simply saying that the race is a little closer than some of you would like to beleive, at least with my setup versus a stock cobra that is the case.
  3. I havn't noticed any arguing. Just people talking.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we are just here hanging out just as there are many mustang owners on our forums with which we have no problem. What I don't get is why you are afraid of friendly conversation? I also don't get why you guys insist on insulting our cars when we have nothing but good things to say about yours.

    Just for the record, an LS1 is a little better than decent, and that is fact. Would you tell a C5 vette owner that his engine was "decent", I doubt it.

    If anyone has anything useful to say I am game for more conversation, but reaction like Stang2k5's seems to be par for the course.

    So who is interested at meeting at HRP soon? I would love to run some of you guys.

  4. Well there's your answer. Running on a DR vs. a much more powerful Cobra on a non-DR radial gives you an obvious advantage. I'm of the mind that you don't make excuses when losing, but a Cobra on a DR is going to be an entirely different animal.
    I'll be running 275/40-17 MT ET Street Radials tonight at Atco.
  5. Nah, I'm not much for excuses, I just run the best I can, I win some, I lose some, either way it is always fun. and I don't plan on having a chance against a cobra on dr's, that takes away my only advantage. ;)

    Let me know how the mickey thompsons hook up. When I finish smoking up my nitto drags I plan on replacing them with the mt's.
  6. Let me tell you...these fuggers are sticky. I have them mounted on an extra set of stock wheels (right down to the stock grey valve stem caps...I love being sneaky) and on the car today. I drove it 45 miles to work, and when they are warm, the rubber feels more sticky than that on the ET Streets on my Buick.
    My halfshafts are going to be begging for mercy. :( :shrug:
  7. Let us know what you run when you get back from the dragstrip in your new GT. :nice: Post your slip too!

    Also, I'm confused about the rice body comment??? I thought that to qualify as a rice body it had to have neon lights, an erector set wing, glowing windshield washer nozzles, and a 5 inch fart can exhaust. Also, it had to sound fast but not actually go fast.

    I'm sorry but my car does not look like anything Japan has produced. Just to let you know, we have quite a few Mustang owners on our site and we don't talk smack to them, unless they are trolls. We are all car lovers - How about you? :shrug:
  8. Are you running the stock size DRs or have you gone to something wider? Your halfshafts will be begging for mercy no matter what . . .

    Edit: I just re-read first post on the DRs. Let us know how you do!
  9. No racing tonight. :(
    Atco was closed due to "heavy misting" and predicted rain. I called their hotline before hitting 206 and saved the trip.
    Oh well...I've got too busy of a weekend to get over there to race.
    Looks like the MT's will come off, the stock F1's will go back on and I'll make it back after the holidays.

  10. Same here. I tried to hit the local 1/8 mile track tonight but RAIN - a lot of it so no track! I want to break in my new Nittos and work on my launches some more!
  11. I'm just trying to figure out what GTO owners are doing on a Mustang forum. :shrug:

  12. Bored...

  13. Look at the thread title . . . 04GTO Vs. 05GT. Did you watch the video? This thread involves the GTO and the 05GT. We have quite a few Mustang owners on our forum but we don't treat them like red-headed step children.

    Happy Thanksgiving :nice:
  14. Yes I watched the video, but that doesn't explain why GTO owners are here arguing about which car is superior.
  15. Lightly modded GTO- 13.5
    Stock GT- 13.6

    I don't see much to brag about.

  16. Thread title says "two '05 gt's run at the track..[video]" unless you have your Chevy glasses on.

  17. I went [email protected] 2.00 60'
    however, I know she can go a lot faster, b/c I did that shifting from 1st - 3rd b/c 2nd gear is gone in my 05 already.
  18. Hmmm...once again, I don't see any arguing and I sure don't see any GTO owners claiming superiority. You may want to re-read the thread champ.
  19. More magazine racing from the mustang crowd...

    I have yet to see a stock 05 GT get anywhere near the 13.6 mark that motortrend put out there. Mostly I am seeing 14flats and a few 13.9's.

    As for the lightly modded GTO comment...check out my sig (and that's with full shifts, no powershifting). Not to mention all the GTO guys running 13.2's and 13.3's bone stock. Not bragging, just the facts.

    Anyways, I love the new mustang, I can't wait to see the new cobra, if it is everything I think it is going to be I plan to buy one in 2 years or so. Mostly I look forward to the 05 GT's getting faster, I know you guys have more there and I am looking forward to the increased competition.

    See you on the street. :nice:
  20. There's been '05 GT's to stop the clocks in 13.60's other than the magazine. As for factory stock GTO's running 13.2's, I'm having trouble finding even one. Hook me up.

    Doc's, for example, has run a best 1/4 mile of 13.506 @105.36(according to his sig on and it has a few mods already.

    I'm not here to argue which is quicker, but judging from other things I've read(not here) about this thread, it seems to me there are those "bragging" about the GTO winning against a brand new unmodified 2005 GT on it's 1st trip to the track. Maybe it was the 2nd trip, but I'm fairly certain that Mustang has gone quicker(with no mods) than it did in the video shown. I'm also convinced most '04GTO's don't best 13.5 when stock, or any facsimile thereof, no matter who's math we use. :nice: