two 05 gt`s run at the track... [video]

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  1. That's not mag racing. 13.5 is what DocGTO(who is lightly modded) ran at silverdollar on the video and 13.6 is what Bryan (stock white GT) ran later at the same track different night.
    This is the internet you can claim whatever you want, even if is totally BS. There is no way that you can prove that those GTOs were stock, and I can't prove that they aren't. :shrug:
  2. I paid 28K for my GTO two months ago. I believe people were paying over msrp when the cars were first released for a couple months and after that period the cars were going for msrp, then the cars stop selling. There are dealerships letting these cars go for 25K now. To be honest even at the same price I would still rather have the Mustang. That is just my opinion of course.
  3. The 05GT ran 14.042 at 97.8 mph while the GTO ran 13.509 at 105.36.

    You are right, nothing to brag about. That's why we strive to get better and faster! I'm already in the low 13.2s and will shoot for 12.9s soon.
  4. Actually the person who watched the video and then posted the wrong title had his Ford glasses on! :shrug: No big deal though!
  5. Have you run 13.2 or 13.5 on the 1/4 mile? I believe the latter at this point, and that included modifications, right? The same Mustang has evidently run 13.603 or close with no mods, but better weather and more than two trips to the dragstrip.
  6. DocGTO forgot to tell us that he ran a 8.6 in the 1/8 on new DRs, which roughly equates to 13.2 in the 1/4.

    DocGTO "My latest time in the 1/8 is 8.609 at 84+mph. My fastest previous 1/8 was 8.87 at 82.67mph which netted me a 13.509 at 105.36. The difference alone with simple math should net me about 13.248 at 106.93 as long as I don't miss a shift or hit a brick wall! My new Nitto 555Rs helped trim that time and drop my 60 ft from 2.1+ to 2.0. I want to get into the 1.9s or better. Practice!!! I believe that in my current state of tune my car can do 13.1s in the 106-107 range. Now, the driver in his current state of tune may not help the car . That's why I need to scrub in those 555Rs and practice the launch some more!
  7. BlueSuperGoat and the other GTO owners,
    I commend you gentlemen on your civility and brilliant ambassadorship :nice: The '05 stang and the GTO are both very nice specimen of American automobile engineering.

    And to the two gentlement that ACTUALLY raced in the video. Great run!!! :nice:
  8. Clicky
    There are no timeslips on the links, but pics of the car and dyno graph. JDM is pretty well known, so I doubt they're being inventive.
    Car has tuning, catback, pullies, rear QA1's, 4:30's and is on a 17" ET Street. Anthony at JDM commented the car went quicker than a 12.5...but they're being elusive and don't want to let the cat out of the bag. He did tell me with a flash tune only (SCT Tuner), for 93 octane, all else bone stock, the car went "low-13's". What that number was, we shall soon see.
    This was at E-town last Monday, and a feature test will be in an upcoming MM&FF issue.
    The aftermarket is going to hit big for these cars...maybe bigger than the '03/'04 Cobra aftermarket has over the last 2 years.
    The '05 officially went on sale about a month ago, they'll get on it.
  9. In that video it was a 13.5 with stock tires and very little experience. With the new DRs I have dropped my ETs almost 3 tenths and run faster traps. I believe that in the current state of tune I should be able to get into the 13.1s and maybe 13.0s. The mods are the same with exception to the Nittos and a few more trips to the track! We just had a guy up north at Atco in Jersey run a 13.1 at 106+ bone stock. I heard they prep the track like the pros do and he has experience behind him. I do not know if he was on drags though . . . I would like to get to Carolina Dragway in December if they are still open. My local track is open but it is nothing like SDR or Carolina. Does anyone know if Silver Dollar will still do Test & Tunes in December???
  10. I was the goat driver in the video! Thanks for the props and to you for not treating us like red-headed step children. :nice:
  11. Well here's your hook up, I have run my BONE stock '04 GTO in to the 13.20's a couple times. And, in fact, last night at Cecil County, MD dragway last night, I ran a [email protected] Yes this is BONE stock, stock air intake, all season bfg's, etc. Just as I drove it off the lot, car ahs 5000 miles on it now.

    The timeslip and all have been posted at the link. Now this is the fastest time of any all stock GTO I have seen on stock tires, so may not be indicative of all GTO's, I don't know, I have only driven mine. Last night weather also helped out a bit. I have pulled 1.8 60's in this car, so I believe a high 12.90 run is possible with the right combo of traction and atmospherics.
  12. Cool. That's one and that's good. Thanks for posting it. I've been looking and not found others, so yours is evidently the quickest while being the only one known to run 13.2's stock. It's amazing that it's gone 13.1 to boot! :nice:

    I don't expect the same to happen with a factory stock '05 MustangGT at all. Then again, I didn't expect it from a GTO. Still, if someone gets a new GT to do even 13.4's I'll be impressed and then some.

    The drawback to the GTO's with regard to 1/4 mile times is most haven't run better than 13.5's as of yet in factory stock setup. All that means is many MustangGT's will be a close race, left to the drivers to decide. I expect both cars to average about 13.6's while stock. The Mustang's ECM seems to "conveniently" limit it's 1/4 mile performance and that means modification for anyone hoping for great ET's. The Corvette seems to have the same issue and sadly, the next GTO will likely face the same scenario. That's GREAT for you though, as it will surely keep you in the running while all are stock. :D

    Good luck with your GTO. Hopefully track conditions will hold out with the great air temps and you'll get that 1.8 short time again. That's OUTSTANDING, btw. Most seem to be stuck in the 2.1 range without better tires. Getting a 1.8 with the results you've seen will clearly net you 12's. Simple math tells us if you get a 2.00 on a 13.1 pass, you'd get a 12.7 on a 1.800 short time with everything else being equal. A 12.8 is definitely in the probability zone.
  13. Thx.

    I think one of the things fueling the stang GT vs GTO thing is that all the magazines and reviews seem to absolutely LOVE the GT's and say the GTO's are just OK. Now if I hade to compare the two, I would put the GTO on top, but of course, I;m a little biased.

    As far as performance, the GTO has it beat, if you learn how to launch it right.

    I'm not too big on the retro styling, the '67 fastbacks were one of the most beautiful cars ever made, leave it that way, let it go. I think the new GT styling takes away from that, makes it seem kinda cheesy. I think in a year or two, the initial retro coolness will wear off and it'll end being like a PT cruiser, but with a much larger following to help back it up.

    I just don't understand why the press shuns the new GTO and loves the new Stangs. I have been driving this car for over 2 months now and it keeps getting better. I gotta go test drive a new GT and see what it's all about.

    I hope I'm not disappointed. My biggest fear when I bought the GTO was I wouldn't like it as much after driving it, but it ended being the complete opposite - it is a true sports car driver's car. I'm not sure the new GT's are like that. My initial impression is that they are knida flashy adn a little quick, but I don't know if there is any more to them than that.

    '05 GT owners - how are they, are they really that good? Or does the press have a hang up on them for whatever reason? I still think the best late model Mustang setup overall is the Mach 1's, they look really good and run good too.

  14. If I just could pull that 60 ft like him :bang:
    More practice . . .
  15. 2005 GT = 300-hp
    2005 GTO = 400-hp
  16. And that is with a 350-hp 2004 GTO. Imagine a 400-hp 2005 GTO.
    Sounds like the 2005s, with good conditions/driver, could really end
    being capable of high 12s in stock trim. That's absolutely awesome.

    I'm wondering what the Mustang might lose do to the ETC setup. I
    imagine it will not take long for reprogrammers to tweak that a little.
    Get rid of some of the torque management that's probably included.
    I have not driven a new Mustang, but from my experience with ETC,
    response time is slightly slower (computer processing inputs) and it
    ends up holding back a little on launches to keep things in one piece.
    Is the Mustang the same way?

    Guys in new Grand Prix GTPs were getting 0.2-.3 in the 1/8 with just
    a reprogrammed PCM that eased up on the torque management crap.

  17. The original comparo was with the 04 GTO to the 05 GT which is 50 hp. With the 05s you are correct though!
  18. comparison? what comparison?

    I have a Ford Mustang Brochure right in front of me and in the "Competitive Comparisons.." section there is no picture or metnion of "GTO".

    We are trying to compair apples to oranges. They are in two different classes of vehicles. I think the only reason we are compairing them is because GM and Dodge are not building ANY vehicle that can compete with the new Mustang. Compete in price/horsepower/appointments.

    The GTO's ONLY saving grace is that it has a LS1 engine, and the LS2 coming in. That's all, otherwise asthetically, it is a slightly buffed-up Grand Prix. Which actually, in the essence of the original GTO, makes sense. John DeLorean took GM's intermediate car and stuck a full-size car powerplant in it. The current GTO is a band-aid to carry over somewhat affordable performance for the market until a new Camaro arrives. The current body in my opinion is mundane, boring and doesn't elicit a shred of performance. The proof is in the tepid sales response. How many '04 or even '05 GTO's have been pre-ordered?

    Fact: The new '05 Mustang had 25,000 units pre-ordered.

    Aside from the technicalities and asthetics, performance-wise, for the extra amount you pay for a new GTO, that money could be spent on a 05 Mustang to make it faster. It already has a more drag-race friendly rear suspension (not IRS, though with a good driver I've seen MSP's Toyota Supra run consistent 1.35s on a IRS), and another 100hp isn't far off through a blower, turbo or NOS setup.

    All the torque management and other built-in factory limiters, timing retards, etc will eventually be worked out and the Mustang will easily be a 12-second ride for well under $30k.

    I'm working on a full long-tube header, 3" exhaust and shift-kit and torque converter for these cars and those alone should be worth several tenths. That's enough to put a otherwise bone-stock car into the 12s.

    I believe that the new Mustang is going to provide one of the best performance platforms from its history and in relation to other current offerings. Everyone else in the car industry, in this market segment is either lagging behind or not involved. When was the last time any of those car makers had 25,000 units pre-ordered?

    Forget the name Ford, Mustang, etc.. the people there did something right with a car that people, a lot of people want to own. This new Mustang has been the first car that I have ever felt the desire to goto a dealer and look at and test drive and potentially consider purchasing. Not any Vette, GTO, supercharged Regal/GTP or V8 Northstar powered GP or Hemi-powered wagon, or rotary, etc...and, well, any of the car's I'd love to drive, I couldn't afford anyway lol Porsche GT4, Ford GT, Viper...

    The Mustang offers the best bang-for-the-buck, ammenities, and performance for a RWD platform right now. What else is there that makes 300hp, RWD and can be had for under $25k that is a 2005 model year?
  19. The price of the 04 GTO's is getting closer to 25K each week. Now that the 05 GTO's are about to be released the dealerships are letting the 04's go dirt cheap. I actually heard that a guy bought a new 04 GTO for 24.5K at an auction. Once the 05's hit the lots the 04 GTO's will definately be at 25K with all the cash back incentives.