two 05 gt`s run at the track... [video]

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  1. The WS6's have always outperformed the Z28's... I was an F-body guy for years before waking up and realizing Ford rules, so I know. Also, stock LT-1's weren't running high 13's stock. You really don't know anything, you've worn out your welcome here (as you've probably done on every other web board you go to). I'm sure the GTP guys are tired of you too.

  2. They WS6/SS dyno numbers are the same as the Z28 and TransAm/Formula Dynos...


    Ford rules huh? Well you did buy a sweet ride. Hands down the Cobra is the baddest mutha on the street. (Under 40K) I dont think anybody is debating that.
  3. omg shut up! your 87 did not beat an SRT-4...with just exhaust. newer GTs 99-04 are getting beat by those neons. and a newer Gt will smoke you if you only have exhaust. you would have to have serious mods to take an SRT-4 "a few times" did the driver of the SRT-4 know you were racing him when the light turned green? i hate the fact that a lil silly looking neon is fast but, it will beat a mustang.. havent seen one race an 05 and i hope to God that SRT-4s arent beating those...if thats the case im buying a

    and then people in here flamin the GTO... fact of the matter is that it IS A MUCH FASTER CAR!! simple as that. no argument. i dont like them but they are faster and will own a mustang. suck to admit, but the mentality here is that NO MUSTANG CAN LOSE!
  4. Welcome to last year.

    On drag racing: A 1987 Mustang coupe with a good exhaust system and a great driver may well beat a NEON SRT-4. Most often it won't happen, but it could. A good driver in a stock 99-04 MustangGT should be able to at least nip the SRT-4 time after time.

    A 2005 MustangGT, properly driven, would easily beat the SRT-4 and in many cases, the 2004 GTO as well. Keep in mind, the average 2004 GTO with an A4 transmission, completely stock, isn't likely to run better than 13.6's and many only run 13.9's or 14.0's. The M6 is typically closer to 13.5's and some have been quicker, but not all that many.

    On top end when both are stock, the GTO is faster, no question. I do like them for the most part, but they're not super quick, just fairly quick and pretty fast.
  5. All this talk of SRT's and GTO's is pathetic. Line up the three cars and just look at them. The Neon is a ricer wanna be, and the GTO looks like you grandfathers car. I wouldn't be caught in either one of them.

    Again, cruise the strip on a Friday night, what car will get noticed? The GTO? Yeah right. The girls will check out the 40'ish dude driving it (thinking he's cool) and they'll say "eeeeeeww, looks like your dad... does not, it looks like your dad". How about the neon? I don't think so. The girls are going to say, "I think he's kind of cute for a loser, look at that pathetic car hes' driving". Now when the Mustang goes by... They are going to say, "sweet ride! Why don't you give us a ride..."

    Who cares if the GTO has .3 second on it in the 1/4. Who cares if the Neon... (wait, is there anything good about the neon)?

    The Mustang is pure cool. End of subject. End of conversation. :hail2:
  6. I happen to like the GTO(2004 more than 2005) because of it's subtle looks and room for kids in the back. I must note though, I don't think most "new" GTO owners are 40 anything. I believe most are well under 40 and many well under 30. It is what it is, preferring the MustangGT or not.

    The SRT-4 has at least one thing going for it: Price. It makes decent power, particularly for a 4 popper. It also gets pretty good fuel economy, so it sells well for the sector. It also doesn't seem to rattle as much as most cars in its class. It's even easier to get people in the rear seat of too, being a 4 door. Again, it is what it is, preferring MustangGT or not.

    I prefer the Mustang over both in the end. As noted, it's "cool" and we all know, what's 1st seen outside will sell more cars than what's inside.
  7. Thanks. I'm not even close to 40.
  8. whats crazy is the SRT-4 is a freakin 4 banger and 4 doors..and most stock mustang owners hesitate lining up with one. or risk TOTAL embarrasement at getting owned in front of those chicks thats see that "loser in the neon" rip a mustang. its rediculous i tell you :notnice: id buy one if i had the money to have that and my mustang.. i bet though it is kinda fun rolin around in that thing beating mustang kids that **** around.
  9. I've never been to a GTO forum, but I have to wonder if they are full of 2005 GT owners who are trying to convince the GTO crowd that the Stang is superior.

    I guess since there are GTO guys here trying to convince us we bought the wrong car they must be trying to compensate for something they are lacking. Any ideas what?

  10. A SRT-4 without some pretty good mods cannot beat a GT. I'm talking about '05 GT's since we are in that section and I assume that's what you were talking about. I don't know about the older Mustangs but I raced an SRT-4 three different times from a stop and from a roll and it wasn't within 5 car lengths to 100 mph and 115 mph any race.

  11. Style and Looks are the first things that come to mind. I respect what's under the hood of a GTO, but I think it's ugly. As for the SRT - you can put a 650hp engine in that thing, but it's still just a neon. I don't race anyone in my stang - not because I'm afraid to lose, but because I don't wanna kill my car. And, I don't care if a GTO or a neon can take my stock GT in a race. The 300hp under my hood deserves respect and it's fun as hell to drive (I'll guarantee you that my stang turns more heads than any GTO or Neon on the streets).
  12. I would never convince a stang owner to buy a GTO, that's their own choice what they want to spend their money on. I do frequent this forum and a few others because I am a true car lover and I like good conversation. I'm the local stangnet GTO owner and I like to step in for a little quality control every once in a while if needed :nice: I gotta keep you guys in check :flag:

    As far as stang owners on the GTO forum. We have quite a few (some that visit here also). We got SVT guys, Mach 1 guys, and older GT guys. So far no 05 GT guys though. We welcome any car lover as long as they are not a troll. We have a "No-Troll" policy!

    I like the 05 stang and I think it is a big improvement over the older design but I wanted to keep a low profile as I speed around. I don't need the "catch me I'm speeding" look.

    As far as the "lacking" statement. I'm not worried . . . :D
  13. You have your right to an opinion. I like the fact that I don't turn the heads of every police officer in town. The heads I turn are true car lovers that know what they are looking at! I get all the attention I need. I respect the new mojo under the hood of the 05GT. It is a strong unit with a lot of aftermarket potential. As for the SRT4s I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not a big fan of a lot of horsepower over the front tires but they are fast for cheap and I have seen some fast ones but they always want to run from a roll . . .