Two Mustangs, 1970 Mach1 and 1991 LX 5.0

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    Two Mustangs, 1970 Mach1 and 1991 LX 5.0
    The MACH1 I have owned for 21 yrs. The 5.0 for 12 yrs. Mach is a Correct VIN code. Non-org 351 Winsor, ORG. FMX Trans and 9in Rear. This is a very restorable Mach1 worth $$$
    5.0 Has over 20 grand in it. All Steeda suspension, Ford Motor Sport everything, March Ram Air, B&M, 373's... 78,000 miles needs light body & paint work on ft. end. This is a beautiful car with excellent performance. Been garaged stored and not moved for past two years.
    5.0 you can drive cross country right now, but the Mach1 hasn’t been started or moved in four years.

    Want to trade Both Mustangs for ?? Street Rod, Vette, 911, Muscle Car...... In great running condition.

    Or will sell both for 12 grand.

    Serious only please.

    1970 Mach 1
    VIN# CF051K15XXX
    Has only been on the road / registered approx. 5 out of the last 22 years. It has nice interior with perfect original passenger and rear seat (non-fold down). Have orig. rim-blow (needs resto) steering wheel. Orig. consol and pad, inst. Panels and clock. Windshield has crack in corner. Formed dash cover. Door panels orig in decent condition.
    Body has all orig. Mach1 pieces in place. Body is decent. Needs floorboards and some other pieces of floor replaced. Orig. hood & scoop & old downs. Suspension is decent.
    351 Windsor with usual bolt-ons. Eddlbrock, Hooker, all MSD ignition. Orig. FMX Auto trans and 9 in. Rear. Drum all around.
    Mild restro to have a really nice orig. 70 Mach1 driver, or real restro and have a big $$$ Orig Mach1 Muscle Car…

    1991 LX 5.0
    Bought in 1995. Family driver for 3 years. Rust free
    Complete Body resto in car in 1998. Stripped to Factory primer. Saleen ft bumper insert, GT wing all new weather stripping. Exceptional paint job, over $5500, Ford Electric Current Red. But has dents on both Ft. fenders and small dent on hatch face. All Steeda suspension kit. Sub frame connectors. B&M in gone through AOD Tranny. 373 FMS Gears, 65MM Throttle Body and Spacer gasket matched and blended. 1 inch phenolic upper and lower spacer. All MSD ignition. March Ram Air. BBK Under drive pulleys & ac eliminator, BBK shorty headers, 2 ½ cross pipe and 2 chamber Flowmasters. Power Stop milled Brake Rotors, Centerline Drag Lights and brand new rubber. Interior very nice and stock with exception of Auto meter tack and shift light. CD player and speakers. A very tight handling and quick car.
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