Two Rehagen Racing Ford Mustangs in Top 10 Opener

Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. The latest results for the Roush sponsored Rehagen Racing team show some promising results, with the No. 59 and No. 60 finishing in the top 10 at Daytona Beach. For some time, it seemed as though the Ford Mustangs would take spots 1 and 2, but some faulty communications during a late pit stop caused both cars some crucial time losses. These losses would prove to be detrimental to the two Roush racers, but would still leave them finishing with decent points standing. View attachment 332687 </img> View attachment 332689 </img> View attachment 332691 </img> View attachment 332693 </img> View attachment 332695 </img> View attachment 332697 </img>