Two Seater Fox Convertible Ideas

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  1. Alright my father and I have a 1986 5.0 for a long time and we have started looking at getting the Mustang running, problem is I'm 6'10" and he's 6'2" and we are planning on just making it a Two Seater and removing the back seat and pushing the front seats back a little. I'm just trying to get some ideas on how to go about doing that.

    We both had the idea of doing something like what they did with some of the 60s Mustangs where the back seat folded down and there are speakers that are in the back, but we are just trying to get some ideas on how to make it better. Thank y'all for the help
  2. I know latemodelrestoration has a rear seat delete kit. I was probably going to do the same to my convertible.
  3. I have also seen a seat track slider extension kit so you do not have to put more holes in the floorboard. I hope it is still made.
    IF it is a convert., In a recent Mustang magazine was a model that came from the second factory as a two seat model. I think it was a special Saleen model for one year? If I see it I will post a link. Anyway, I bet there is a fiberglass tonneau cover for this project. It would be slick with the rear seat delete or a custom cabinet/stereo box.
  4. If you aren't an expert welder or fabricator, take it to a chassis shop and let them fab you up something safe underneath the car.
    These seats are are known for tearing the floors.
  5. 3" track extensions are easy to find on Late Model Restorations site. $49 is cheaper than hiring a welder. Looks like it might even help the floor issue too.
  6. The SSC Saleens were two seaters with a custom rear delete. There was a guy building the rear boxes but with a little work a custom one wouldnt be that hard.
  7. I saw one of those 2 seater saleens last weekend at ford nationals.
  8. I just realized that your wanting to do a two seat vert, look at the asc mclaren cars.
  9. You beat me to it. This is a good example of a sorta factory 2 seater Vert..
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  10. asc Mclaren converts were roadsters as well

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  11. double post

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  12. I'm sorry man, but at 6'10", you're not going to be driving that thing unless you're laying down. I'm 6'3", with the seat extenders and I even chopped almost an inch out of my stock seat bracket height and my head still grazes the roofline. There's no way (unless you're all legs) that you're going to be able to drive this car with the top up.

    You'll look like Marmaduke...

  13. one thing I noticed right off the bat with the Saleen V. the stocker I had before was that the flo fit seats sat lower in the car than the stock seats. Pretty sure that they use stock seat tracks on them but the seats are lower. You might look around for an aftermarket seat that sits lower in the car than the stock ones.
  14. Our R&D Marketing Director, Larry Ashley is 6'8" (6'9" with the pompadour) and he's fit into every 'stang from a past owned '93 GT, a '98 Convertible, and current owns a '68 Coupe and a '07 Coupe.
    He fits in the 07 stock - but the 68 he had to cut the floor risers out and secure the seat so far back that the backrest of the bucket is actually touching the rear seat. Not only does he fit perfectly - it's now stuck in that set up - so it's a theft deterrent for the rest of us who can't reach the pedals :)