Two Sensors On The Front Coolant Crossover

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  1. I replaced my intake, and I had to get new sensors for the crossover. After researching what they were, I went to the parts store and the cashier couldn't understand that there were two different sensors. I ended up buying two temp sensors just to plug the holes and get the car running.

    Of course, the gauge in the dash doesn't work now. Does anyone know the correct sending unit for the gauge and where I can order it online? I don't want to mess with parts store people again.
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  2. Where are the old sensors?
  3. Try looking at
    Part DY1144 line: MOT Motorcraft - Coolant Temperature Sensor
    Part SW5174 Line: MOT Water Temperature Switch
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  4. They were stuck in the old manifold. I got frustrated, and they... became unusable.

    Anyway I found the correct part on Rock Auto. The sender for the gauge cluster has a cylindrical tip, and the sensor for the PCM has a conical tip. The sender went into the passenger side opening, and my problem was solved.

    Why can't all fixes be this easy?
  5. Sweet. Glad you found the fix.