Two-tone dash

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by dsg02, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Anyone with a Saddletan interior hate how the top part of the dash is black? (Good way ford saved money having all the dash tops black)

    Did anyone do anything about it? Change colors, etc.?

    Just curious. I'm sure if it's possible, someone here's done it!

  2. Awe man I love the two-tone dash! I wish my car had it. It looks like it cost more to make the two-tone dash because there are parts that had to be masked off and painted tan.
  3. except for the black the two tone looks much better my mom has a 03 6er and i hate the way her dash looks imo
  4. Mine is black/red and on my white exterior I think that it looks really good. I look at it this way, all the import boys spend lots of money to get a "custom" interior that is multi color and i got mine that way from ford.
  5. i also hate the two thing. i just think it looks cheap. i wish my car had the all black interior with black leather.
  6. I had a 91 GT that had black and grey interior I didnt like it so I took out the whole interior, panels, seats, carpet and I painted it all black. I also put diamomd plate on the door panel at the bottom. It looked sweet, not rice at all. I even painted ceiling black with fabric paint. The seats I got them done in black vinyl w/ white piping real nice.

    So to answer your question you can change the color its up to, but have this in min you will probably have to maintain it as time goes by.
  7. thats the reason why i dont like the multi color......but i have grey on black so i dont mind too much
  8. I had a tan and black interior. I painted all the tan black with blue flake. Looks much better now!
  9. My favorite combo is the darker brownish dash and accents with tan everywhre else.
  10. my black/grey interior is ok....i want all black anyone with all black that ones a 2 tone shoot me a PM! PLEASE :banana:
  11. I don't mind the two-tone black and gray - just not my black and tan.

    I think I'd rather go all-tan rather than all-black.
  12. sorry for reserecting an old thread... anyways heres my question...

    what kind of paint/dyes would be needed to do this with (i have black on gray interior and i want to change it to all black)
  13. I have tan and black. didn't like it at first but now i wouldn't have it any other way.
  14. check out a paint shop. they should carry a brand called SEM which is the dye in a can. supposed to work well
  15. I love my Black Dash with the Tan Inserts.. I had everything at the house to change it to black I just couldn't do it... So I put it all in the Garage Attic... But I did install the black carpet and might install the front 2 black leather seats and install my rear seat delete..
  16. I love my black on black leather! I haven't seen too many two tones, any of you with them got a pic to show me?
  17. yes, i love my all black interior with leather also :nice:
  18. i def think the all black looks the best....