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  1. Okay, so Tylerb indicated no posting in his Top 10 Sticky thread, so I decided I needed to start some smack talk in a different place...

    I know that I have been promising a new 408 stroker car for about 2 years now and have not delivered, but I'm putting it in writting now ---

    Chung Oh - ya better have something planned over the winter, cause I'm going to be gunning for the number 2 spot this spring...

    Wicked93 - hope you enjoyed the ride, cause if you don't open a can of whoop ass on someone above you, you're just gonna be another also ran!!!

    :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track::Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track: :Track:
  2. You can put Chung at number 3 if you want. I'd be number 2 if I had Tyler put my info on there. :D If Sandi put her info on here she'd be no. 2 with a 9.28 and Wally would be at no. 3 with a 9.6 but then I'd have to give Wally crap about having a Big Block and coil overs and the thread would go completely to hell. :rlaugh: I can't remember if Derick or Greg post on here, but both of them have gone faster yet.

  3. But then if your gonna come smack talk there has been rumer's of a 7 sec. car comming from AFP/BO? peace

  4. You gonna have your skateboard ready Scott?

    Maybe its better if you dont...we get better videos when your just watching:D
  5. There were rumors this time last year about the BBC going 8's on the spray and Chung having 2 9 Sec cars of his own too ;)

    I think the only reason Sandi's car isn't up there is that he specified DOT tires and she was on slicks but her car is just as streetable as mine or chungs, hell I think it even has valid tags (only thing keeping mine off the street and on the trailer).
  6. Rumors are fun :)
    But Innuendo....Priceless
  7. Well either way and to me it doesent matter who is the fastest i know it wont be me, but it would be nice to start seeing some PNW cars runnin like they do back east. But utill 06 rolls around i guess everyone is just a smack talkin, and even at that i guess everyone is just smack talkin as well till you :Track: and post the video's. peace

  8. I know AFP is working on several projects, but a seven second car isn't a seven second car until it gets a timeslip saying so. :nono:
  9. :lol:


    Ideally I'd like to keep this Top 10 thread something reasonable to get on. The idea with DOT approved tires is that the car is 'street able'. It'd be great to limit this to only daily drivers but the fact of the matter is majority of the people on here don't use their Mustang as their daily.

    It's difficult to lay out specific rules without there needing to be exceptions ... and that's not fair. Limiting the results to vehicles run on DOT approved rubber is the best way to address the issue of excluding what some would consider a dedicated “race car”.

    If you head over to the LS1Tech NW forum, they have a separate thread outlining the rules and get pretty specific. I suppose my version has a fair amount of leniency to bring in decent numbers and competition, instead of only listing the 110% street cars which I imagine would compose of 03 Cobras on the top of the list.

    Also, I’ve been limiting some of the entries to ‘familiar’ users rather then the guys with 2 posts coming in like a hit and run routine to get their name on the board. There is no specific way to outlaw these guys but more or less just a judgment call. I think I’ve been around here long enough to know who’s a regular. :)
  10. This thread should have been titled who can drink their mocha the fastest while standing in the starbucks parking lot looking at bills new bling! :lol:

    Scott is right a seven second run it's not untill a time slip one has. Wise master Scott.

    I think he also said something once about two in the bush and something in the hand but that's a non PG conversation for another site.

    We will have a few cars coming out next year that are in the works as we speak. No secrets, there will be pics all winter as things progress on the current projects page of our site. www.allfordperformance.com

    I hope to see many others out as well as it will get old just beating up on the same old people all the time :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  11. No, no, no! You have it all wrong! Two in the pink and one in the stink.

    I'm Scott James, BANG BANG! :lol:
  12. Well Im hoping just to stay on the Top 10 list :rlaugh: (Waterpog knows where I'm at with this:nice:). From what I have been seeing from the other posts and Heads Up NW, and keep in mind just a outside looking in general observation, but If your car isn't running 10.00 Flat (which might hold 10th place) or faster you wont even make the list and this is with the DR rules set in place already.

    But only the future will tell, keep up the modding and be safe :nice: :flag:

    Happy Holidays everyone.

  13. I think the thread should be titled AFP street cars run slooooow! Did you guys get Bill's new billet fuel pumps to fix his slow car problem? Don't think that is the problem.:nonono:

    Just for the record, I drink hot chocolate and talk trash about you when I go to SB.:p I know you do the same.:rolleyes:

  14. At least their street cars run!:Zip2: :rlaugh:
  15. Yes, they do!
    I was there when Cory ran a few weekends ago. No comment.
    Bill's car pulls hard until you shift to 3rd. Again no comment.
    Then there’s your car! Not worth commenting.

    I have been back on the road for awhile now. I even drove it today.

    I love smack talk, makes this place so much fun.

  16. Easy there Slim. My issue was not caused from Jeff's work.
  17. It wasn't directed at Jeff's work (Jeff is one of the best) It was directed at your car being slow. :rlaugh:
  18. ASD i'm looking at your car on the rack in front of me as we speek, and after the test drive i just did i wouldn't be braggin i think jeff/2 escort would hand that thing its ass, at least it will get second gear scratch!!!!!!
  19. Ha ha...

    Good thing I turned the valet switch on in the glove box! I knew you jerky boys would be trying to rail on it. Now, stop looking at it and get back to work slacker.:D
  20. Last I heard Bill-it was looking over the underside and making a list of stainless steel screws for your stocking :rlaugh: