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  1. Walter, Ray and I are coming out tomorrow morning to pick up the black car. Ray, I may have some injectors to throw in before we go, I should know in the morning when I get to the shop if it's a go. Should only take 1/2 hr to a hour. It didn't sound like they would be in today from the last conversation I had with the guy.
  2. Yea right. Get this, I get it all done and it won't fire. Check spark and I have no spark! After cursing jeff#2 for awhile I check the msd box. Power in, ground and all that. All ok. I would like to tell the person who put the box up under the dash how I feel but they are my ride tomorrow. After some quality time under the dash with the shifter in my butt and my legs hanging out over the cage bars, I try it again and hear this ticking sound coming from the fire wall area. Come to find out the coil wire has a pin hole in it and is tracking out to the cable for the mechanical water temp gauge where it happens to pass by the coil wire.:notnice: Then I cleaned the shop so the previously cursed out Jeff #2 has a place to work tomorrow morning.
  3. i'll be around all day with kids so no problem just need to jack last couple parts before project blue tarp leaves for its next journey in life.
  4. I thought I was picking up a car not a blue tarp! :shrug:
  5. But then who said i had a 13sec. stang either? I'll tell you what when were done with the car i'll let you know to bring the busted chevy to run. As long as your carbs are adj. i mean your tune is on, i mean damn what are some other famous chevy excusses...............:shrug: peace

  6. :rlaugh: :nice: Thanks i'm shure we'll have him covered tho:D BTW i talked to my old neighbor about the heating and he is gonna see if he can get anything from area? peace

  7. **** look at your time of your post woman!!!!! :D How ya guy's been? Is the shop still there? peace

  8. You just stick to standing around at Starbucks every weekend and I will be at the track picking on the infamous "Top ten list" !!!!!!! :nice: :SNSign:
  9. the coupe has left the building

  10. Nice!!!!!!
  11. To be correct BOTH coups have left the buildings! :nice:
  12. :rofl:
  13. :owned:
  14. I think you have me confussed with the 03 vert cobra. peace

  15. MMMMMMMMMMM..... White chocolate mocha. :) :Track:
  16. Good morning walter,
    You were right, the bb was a tight fit in the blue coupe, but man does it look good.
    Just holler when that trany get's in, I can't wait for it.
    Thank's to jeff for all the help last night, just could'nt do it with out you. off to church... later..
  17. It's 1.30 sunday and I just about have Rays old motor in the balck coupe but I just got the call from the east side that it's starting to get ugly and I don't have any studs for the GT. Damn the weather!!!!!!!
  18. By the way Walter, what are you going to use for a motor next year? :rlaugh:
  19. John almost never comes to Starbucks!:rlaugh: