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  1. Its snowing here now in beaverton 200pm:nonono:
  2. You wish!:rlaugh:
  3. Well to be honest NO. But as far as standing around at S/B then yeah your right. peace


  4. I don't think anyone would confuse you with the 03 vert cobra. Your the one who talks smack on Stangnet but then when I see you at either the track or a dyno day, you don't even make eye contact with me. Don't worry I not a bully nor do I take any of this seriously.
  5. Who hoo........We were playing in it tonight but now I need to swap the street tires for the snow set on the truck. Have to be at the airport at 4AM.:mad:
  6. How much smack do you have to talk to have the king smack talker say your talking smack?

    Is this personal?

    Enjoy the 4am drive!
    Let us know how it is out there
  7. I think I might be in the top 5 for smack talking but who is #1???

    Should I swing by and turn the heater on for you guys.:D
  8. Thats cool! but thats not the reason i dont really speak to you or anyone else when in person, if you noticed i dont really speak to anyone except those i know. As far as talkin smack isnt that what this thread was all about? Or turned into :shrug: But yeah anyone that takes this stuff seriously dont need to be in here, it's all in BS atleast to me. peace

  9. You want some smack talk head over to www.headsupnw.com and check out the true street section.
  10. No, we will be working at Krazys tomorrow. Closer to home. They need help tuning craigs truck.

    P.S. I think I just answered your question! All in fun nobody get their panties in a wad here. I would hate for someone to get a hot latte to the face next outting.
  11. :Damnit: You are everywhere!
  12. I would hate for someone to get a hot latte to the face next outting. Well if it's as cold as it's been latly then it might not be to bad of a thing ..........well for a min. till the warmth wore off and froze ya face off. peace

  13. Ummmmmm would'nt i qualify for the #1 spot here? :D :shrug: :hail2: peace

  14. They need help tuning Craig’s truck??? I thought you guys were the ones that were working on it and tuning it last year.:shrug:

    Correct me if I am wrong but weren't you the one saying the other day you drank about 15 cups? I hate coffee by the way. You should come out sometime to SB since deep inside I know you want too and you might learn some things or just get a hot latte in your face.
  15. Ahhhhhh chit. Is craig the one with the white F-150 thats S/C? Kinda heavy set? (No offence) peace

  16. ray buddy where are ya i know your not working, i need some smack talking over here before i get introuble on heads up nw. trans payment is in transit
    should ship out by friday [email protected]@k those c-4, JW ultra glide here we come!!
    now if we can get a certain tight wad to get my BTE converter i'll be set.
    any word from mike on the dyno numbers??????????????????????????
  17. Walter, sorry for leaving you for so long, I'm cutting up and rewelding a intake manifold to mount a blower on a v-6 ranger.
    Heres a short lesson incase you ever try it, cut,weld.cut,weld,grind,weld up holes that showed up from bad weld,regrind,remove ranger intake, try to fit home made one, will not fit, throw it outside,put ranger back together so spencer can go home, attend anger management classes, go buy new welder, feel better,now i'm back to cut and weld, with old welder of course becouse I dont know how to use new one, still feel better.
    Anyway, no word from mike yet, I think it will be end of week before any word.
    I might leave with motorhome on monday to go pick it up.
  18. Who'da thunk that my little post would have gotten this far.... Most views and most replies...

    How humbling...

    I'm so proud of myself!!!!!!

    Dammit... Had the 30 day filter on... Actually in 2nd place for views... *****ing GF thread has me beat... Bet everyone was looking at that to see the pic of Rosie Palm!!!!!

  19. Wait didnt you watch the how-to-weld in less then 5 minutes video? ohh wait its 6 minutes.. I forgot!!:rlaugh: