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  1. Hey Ill babysit for you.. but I charge 5.00 per kid and at 9 kids you'd be broke!!! :rlaugh: ok its really only 8 kids.... :) teehee
  2. hey lady!! well........ never mind, At least I have enough kid's now that they stopped showing up with the short bus.
    you remember how it was riding in them don't you??:rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :owned:
    She should......... that's were she met her husband. :p

  4. Why? so they can see your internet a$$whoppin'? :Zip2:
  5. yeah sure do, remember you were the stop before me...:rlaugh:

    Ok Im confused, you rode the bus too?:D Oh wait that was the train!!!.... OMG I crack myself up!!...:rlaugh:...:rlaugh:...:rlaugh:
  7. ray just heard the good news your little motor just layed down more hp than the big daddy all motor WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    new engine + 400+ ? = sad santa
  8. Ya, Walter, Mike was joking about keeping it now that those numbers came out.
    I'm fired up, Why don't you go to oklahoma city and get it for me (it could be my christmas gift)??
    Or do you think santa will bring it???
  9. Dont know what would be worst an internet ass woooopin or a over the phone one :rlaugh: peace

  10. after i told dad tonight he said he wanted to go with ya and help drive,
    tell brian we are going to need some LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG wheelie bars, the blue skateboards gonna be trucking. i want a nice polo, one of those crew cheif aprons before we go out testing. i will need to look good when i'm doing my duties.
  11. O.K. Just remember to wear the apron backwards incase the sweatpants start to slide.
    And don't forget to bring that big stick that you was yappin about over on heads up.
    Were still trying to decide about driving down or having mike ship it
    Sounds like we might come visit you tomorrow, lars want's to come down also, should be fun.
  12. is lars back for the holiday's?
  13. He was supposed to fly in today from what the little birdie told me. While he's here, he wants you to look at his truck....lmao
  14. Don't know how many of you saw the Drag Week review of Hot Rod, but it pretty much bends the mind to think of someone driving their car 1,500 miles and pulling off 8 second runs, time after time, after time. Kinda gives rekindles the debate of what a "real street car" is??? Be interesting to do the same race rules, but do not allow the competitor to change any of the components on the car. If a part breaks, you have to repair it with part of the same specifications. That would keep people from running a street carb set up to the track, and then changing over to a race setup. I also would have preferred they run the race with pump gas - basically you have to race it like you drove it... Guess that would limit you to street legal tires as well.

    I'm thinking the N20Jnky will find itself in the mid-West next fall...

    Anyone else????