Typhoon Intake Manifold Owners Come In

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  1. With just regular bolt ons, the upper should flow plenty enough. It is the lower one that needs the work.

  2. Does tmss do a good job.
  3. And what kind of HP gain am I looking at with the ported cobra lower and the stock cobra upper. Sorry to hijack the thread I just wanted to know.
  4. I bought a typhoon with the idea of eventually adding a blower, but have yet to install. Since most of my car is still stock, should I wait until I have bought new heads and a cam before I install the intake? The heads and cam will be a few months from now.

    What heads/cam combo would be suggested?

    And if the blower is still a ways off, is this intake install premature?
  5. Yes wait for the heads/cam. For one, you will lose a tone of low end, and the stock cams/head doesnt allow for much high end, so its a lose lose situation. Plus when u install the heads/cam, u will have to rip the intake off again anyways, who wants to do things twice.

    I would put it on once you have heads and cam, it worked great with my heads/cam, my times are in sig with it..

    Check the 94/95 FAQ sheet on some combos/times.. I would say the best is AFR165's and a FTI cam. But thats also the most expensive. So just go with something that will meet ur budget.

  6. You will see good gains, I gained 21 RWHP and 15 RW FT LBS OF TQ w/ a Stock Cobra Intake and a C&L 76 MM Mass air system. Im sending out my Cobra to be ported by TMOSS in the spring to match my heads Im going to get, he only charged around $120, Money well spent.

    PS: its your own thread, how can u hijack it :shrug:
  7. I am getting the Cobra intake tomorrow and then I am sending the lower to tmoss to get ported. It's like 100 to get ported. Tmoss is a bad ass.
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    I don't know what it costs but you can always get it extrude honed. I talked to a guy who had that done and he said the intake's ports were ultra smooth after the extrude honing.
  10. on the upper or lower
  11. I forgot to mention.... I've never had Tmoss do any porting for me but alot of guys on here swear by him. He isn't going to get the ports ultra smooth like extrude honing or a big buck porting job (because the time it takes to do so) but for the price you can't go wrong.
  12. Well I am putting up the intake to today. I am going to call a couple shops and see what there prices are. I am most likely going to do the tmoss. I will get the upper polish here though.
  13. The Cobra (or meven cheaper - the Explorer) will serve you VERY well. With stock heads just use the intake as-is. When you get head work or heads done that flow over 210cfm, then get the Cobra/Explorer lower ported to match.

    Yes, I do a good job. Do a search on "tmoss" on Stangnet here and on Corral and you'll get lots of users comments.
  14. I am getting a pair of E7s ported out, so I am going to get the lower ported as well. I am thinking about getting a new block as well.
  15. The smoothness of the port does not add 1HP. The shape/size of the runner is where the power is. My finished product is pretty darn smooth (not like EH), and I do not smooth the whole runner as it is not necessary to add any HP.
  16. I don't think i said it added power :shrug:
    When people pay for "porting and polishing" then tend to expect "polished" ports regardless of whether it adds power or not. I'm not saying that's right, i'm just stating what alot of people will expect.
    I read somebody's post where they said you got the ports really smooth then somebody else said you weren't the one who did the extra polishing and that they did it instead. (it was a used intake that somebody bought from a fellow stangnet member) That's where i got the "info" that you don't "polish" the ports ultra smooth.....i wasn't trying to knock you if thats how you read it...LOL I believe i actually said "for the price you can't go wrong"
  17. I didn't take it as a slam in any way - just want to be sure people know that baby butt smoothness does not make power.
  18. Just so everyone knows, i bought the typhoon intake last summer and was expecting to buy GT40heads and a cam right after that. Instead I decided to save up this winter to buy AFR's. I figured it wouldn't hurt to put the typhoon intake on with the stock heads and cam. Results..... I didnt gain any time or speed in the 1/4 mile. I can deffinitely feel a loss in torque and maybe a slight HP gain at high RPMs. So just like most others are saying, wait untill you get a blower or heads and cam before installing the typhoon intake.

  19. That's why I went with the cobra intake for my car.