Typhoon Intake Review

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  1. I decided to go with the Professional Products Typhoon intake for my car after reading the mid range gains in MM&FF. 11 rwhp isn't bad for a mostly stock car, which mine is not. I ordered mine in the satin finish from RPM Outlet (Read Bottom) because I didn't want to spend the extra cash for the bling. I got it and I must say that the finish was nice and it was designed pretty well. Installation took about three hours from start to finish, however when I went to start it up, it had a very rough idle and wouldn't run. Two weeks later and three different gasket sets, I was still having the same issue. I contacted Professional Products and the guys there were more than helpfull as they overnighted a new one along with new gaskets.

    However when the new one came, one of the supports for the coils was broken. So I put in another call to Marco at PP and he again overnighted me one. The new one was the polished version and was 100%. I would definately reccommend the polished version, much nicer and it looks great under the hood. The most important part of this are the gaskets from Professional Products, you MUST use them. Finally, after three weeks of not having a car and a ton of frustration, the new went on and it works beautifully. The car pulls much harder between 2000-5000. For anyone looking for a intake that has a reasonable price and good quality it is a no brainer.

    DO NOT order anything from RPM Outlet, after you give them money you are done. They wouldn't refund my money or even exchange it. They are never going to see my business again and I hope people on here heed my warning.
  2. How dare you not include pictures! Lets see the thing!
  3. I've read numerous horror stories about the PP intake, from uneven mounting surfaces to even worse circumstances.

    I would not recommend this to anyone based on what I've read.
  4. Do you have any dyno numbers? That would be cool. I'm glad your happy with your P&P because like San said above, lots of internet fuss going around about the typhoon
    BTW I hate RPM outlet. I bought some stuff from them that was supposed to include a 180* thermostat for free and didn't get one. After months and several phone calls they sent me one. I bought coolant, emptied it, cleaned the tanks, went to put on the new T-stat and realized it was made for some other car and would in no way fit mine.
    No repeat business for me.
  5. wasnt their claim of 11 hp on a highly modded engine?
  6. Thats the least convincing recommendation i've ever heard. I want it to work 1st time without any frustration, not after 2 returns.:shrug: I'll wait for BBK if I dont buy a KB kit.
  7. someone here lost power even on a blown car.
  8. A friend of mine installed one on a guy's car.. He had to modify the intake to fit. Pretty ridiculous deal if you ask me.

    I'm holding out for Trickflow :nice:
  9. who's seen the one that was pissing coolant out of a pinhole in the casting?

    Hope you enjoy yours though, thats what matters.

  10. I was going to say the same thing. SO steering clear of this POS and waiting for Trickflow to make one. :nice:
  11. It's made in China :notnice:

    That is the MAIN reason I will never own one.
  12. It was on MPH wasn't it? They had to weld and cut etc... to make the thing work right.

    Avoid at all costs IMO.
  13. I have been absent from Mustang's for the past 3 years...but this intake, good or bad, is made out of metal......well it's about damn time. The Bullitt setup is still ludicrously priced, and I always wondered why not just make a copy of the stock plastic piece of crap out of aluminum? Use the plastic one as a mold. That way it would be somewhat affordable. I blew up one of the plastic manifolds with an impressive nitrous back fire, and the motor sucked all that plastic in. The gouges in the cylinder walls were like canyons. Write off that '03 GT. Why is the aftermarket so sloooww in making things for 99-04's? Hell, the '05's had a full line of parts before the car itself was even being sold.
  14. 3rd time's a charm! :nice:
  15. Maybe because our platform was being used when columbus discovered America? :shrug:
  16. :lol: so true!
  17. I will get some pics up as soon as my digi cam is back in hand. Sorry, no dyno numbers because the nearest dyno is about two hours away. And if you call a ported upper plenum and a catted H pipe highly moddified, then I must have a top fuel dragster.....

    I will say that I was unaware of all the bad publicity that this intake has gotten prior to ordering it, however instead of just writing it off like everyone else on here, I would just take my chances and relay my findings to others. True it is crappy that it took three manifolds before it worked, but atleast the company stands behind there stuff, which can't be said about many, many others.
  18. :rlaugh: An excellent point
  19. True.

    So so true.

    IMO aftermarket intakes for 2Vs are a waste of $$$. The only other intake I would put on a 2V is the Bullitt's...and the car will have to be blown.