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  1. Therre's nothing to reset after you replace the intercooler pump. You do need to ensure there are no bubbles or air pockets left in the system after you've replaced it though.

  2. ordered pump from ford..will be here sat.. morning...
  3. installed new pump......flow is now visable.....still doesnt run right...let car run and get hot ,,all fans come on blower sounds alittle better //.hooked up a hand held predator chose real data..it says im running 16-20 deg of timing...can this be rightfuel pressure was 39 -42 lbs if i rev it timing goes to 40......is the (ckp)the only thing to check or maybe i should put my tail between my legs run?
  4. Dude, with the amount of mileage you have on your Terminator there's a host of other things to check. If it's still down on power I'd attempt to get that compression test performed. Suspect cylinders can then be leak downed to determine where the problem lies.

    If you have the time and inclination you may want to pull the blower off the car and clean the intercooler out real good. As gummed up as your intake was I'm sure the intercooler is nasty too. While it's off I'd send the darn thing to Steggy and have them rebuild it for you. New bearings, seals, oil, etc. I mean how many miles you got on her now? 200K?

  5. its not so much a power issue it seems to be running rich and erratic idle...car starts with no trouble at all the a/f ratio am i able to check that with a predator..plugs are still wet with gas after 15 min..warm-up.are thier any copper plugs i can try that might be cheaper that plat,,,,i might have screwed up the tips on the new plugs...also is the (ckp)the only thing to change timing like this..on a stock cobra what should the timing be around??? and should it jump up/down?
  6. Can't check A/F ratio with a Predator, you need to get it on a dyno with a sniffer to do that.

    What is a (ckp)?

    Timing will change based on engine RPM & load. About the only thing you could verify with the Predator would be how much total timing advance has been dialed in at WOT.

  7. ckp


    Engine Ignition Printable View (9 KB)
    Eight separate ignition coils:

    are controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM).
    are mounted directly above each spark plug.
    are controlled by the powertrain control module for correct firing sequence.
    The spark plug:

    changes the high voltage pulse into a spark which ignites the fuel and air mixture.
    originally equipped on the vehicle has a platinum-enhanced active electrode for long life.
    The crankshaft position (CKP) sensor:

    NOTE: Initial engine ignition timing is set at 10 degrees ± 2 degrees before top dead center (BTDC) and is not adjustable. For additional information, refer to the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual.

    is a variable reluctance sensor, triggered by a 36-minus-1 tooth trigger pulse wheel located on the crankshaft, inside the engine front cover.
    The sine wave type signal generated from the crankshaft position sensor provides two types of information:

    position of the crankshaft in 10 degree increments
    the crankshaft speed (rpm)
    For additional information, refer to Section 303-14 .
  8. plugs?

    I need to try plugs.what would be your choice? U.M. I took off the blower.....ooo my god....completely clogged...put blower back on ,,after warm-up.car sounded great....then boom..an o-ring let go ,,white smoke filled the block...took blower off replaced o-rings...restarted let car run for an hour...car still spudders...tryed an old set of plugs car ran worse...no cel on....on road test ,,car never stalled but it shutters and backfires....with predator on real-time data.it tells me rpms,sparkadvance its running 17deg,,then goes up to 46deg..fuel press.is at 39lbs.it has map voltage and throttle potision voltage the rest gets greek to me it has iat temp fuel pressure voltage ,,enginge temp and a host of others...what sould i be looking for just to see if things thier are ok now..can it be as simple as a spark plug ?
  9. Okay... so know I know the acronym CKP really stands for Crankshaft Position Sensor.

    As for spark plugs stick with the recommended stock Motorcraft plugs (AGSF22FM1F4) and gap them to .054. No use trying copper or some other fancy plug. Since you are mostly stock stick with the stock plug and stock gap.

    Your spark advance @ 17 degrees is fine. I'm betting the 46 degrees you see occasionally on your Predator is when you are coasting, right? That's normal.

    If the new plugs don't smooth her out I'd start looking towards something possibly in the ignition.

    It's going to be hard to diagnose on your own when the car is not throwing a CEL though...


    P.S. Did you get a chance to clean out your intercooler really good while you had the blower off? Have you purchased a new PCV valve and replaced the faulty one?