UD pullies for V6?

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  1. A possibly stupid question for you all...
    Will Steeda's underdrive pullies for the GT work on the V6? I understand the basic idea behind the part, but am unclear on whether it's necessary/applicable to the V6.


  2. Good question Kim!! Nice to meet you.. A pulley is a pulley.. Based on diameter, alone.. Which would go to conculude, that by getting the stock measurement of the GT, and comparing it to a V6, you could then garner a baseline from the GT's aftermarket size.. If the Stock pulley of both the GT and the V6 are similar in diameter, chances are the rotational characteristics of the devices used in the pulley chain have similar rotational requirements for both the GT and the V6..

    But should the GT stock pulley, be a substantial numer + or - over the stock v6's pulley, then the rotational charachteristics are too great to take a gamble.. Doubtfull... Find out, and post it here so we can discuss it further..

    This way Kim, you and I both can be the first to test it in realtime and compare results!

    Also, nice color car.. I almost got that color! :nice:
  3. UD pulley location?


    Thanks for the kind welcome!

    I'm sort of surprised no one has asked this question yet... Now here comes the part where you get a good laugh:

    Where exactly is the stock pulley? I assume you want the diameter, correct?

    Once I know what to look for I'll scamper down to the garage and let you know.


    PS What color did you end up choosing? My original top three were windveil blue, satin silver and redfire... if the sonic blue had been just a bit darker I might've considered that one too. But in the end I got the redfire, which is almost the exact same color as the other two cars I've owned.
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    Will the Tri-Ax Shifter (555-7305) and the Underdrive Pullies (555-3305) work with the 4.0 v6 engine/tranny?


    No, they will not.

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  5. Doh... I guess that answers our question. So what is the likelihood of someone taking pity on us V6ers and making a V6 UD pulley?

  6. Well see there!! My good friend Zodiac saved us both some time!! LOL!! Nice job Zodiac.. But I still dont believe him.. Lets still take this into our own hands..

    Logic states, that a Ford rep will not recommend parts from a GT for a V6... But we all know you can install a MAS throttle body from a GT to a V6 and install a chip with proper calibration for the increased airflow..

    So in that, lets see if Kim and I can come to your sales reps same conclusion Zodiac!! :nice:
  7. Haha go for it, you're more than welcome! Ill point out however, that email was sent to Steeda, not any Ford rep. They're out to get my money and make a sale, and as they dont offer a v6 UD pulley, I dont see why they wouldnt sell me one for a GT if it would work on a v6.
  8. *laughs* ok I'm always up for thwarting the establishment in any way, shape or form...

    Where am I measuring again MSP?

  9. Kim

    Check out the Alternator Pulley size, and the Waterpump pulley size.. Or look them up.. Compare these to a GT and post it here..

    Off the top, I would say it will work for sure!

    Also the Power steering Pump pulley!! Sorry!! 3 Pulleys in all..

    Which is how you know it will work.. Because the GT and the V6 use the same Alternator, Power Steering and WaterPump pulleys..


    That sales rep is a moron!! Sorry man.. Once we get these installed, you and I will send him a nasty letter!!


    Only thing KIM, is once they are installed, we hope the belt tensioner will be able to put enough tenision with the changed pulley sizes.. If not a smaller belt will be needed..
  10. It would be nice if the stock GT's were smaller than the stock V6's, then we could get those cheap off GT owners that upgraded there stock's to steeda's :D
  11. LOL I like the way you think, man! I'm still trying to find a cheap redfire takeoff GT bumper w/ grille...
  12. Hey Echo7!! This should be a cheap upgrade.. I will run by the HotRod store and grab some.. These usually yield an extra 10 to 20HP above stock..

    I dont have a problem doing it first..

    I'll run by on Saturday, and pick them up.. I may be able to get dynod this Saturday as well.. I'll let you guys know the results on Saturday..

  13. I will find out why it wont work if it does not.. It could only be a belt size standing in the way.. Unless the GT has an extra pulley accessory that the v6 does not have.. But thats impossible.. We'll get to the bottom of it Zodiac, I promise my man!!


    Think in terms of the accessories involved in the pulley system..

    1.The Alernator= A bigger Pulley than stock

    2. The WaterPump= A smaller pulley than Stock

    3.Power Steering= A Smaller Pulley than Stock

    Ask yourself, how could it be that they wont work?
  14. Kim

    Welcome to our Club Kim!! Your one of the boys now!! :nice:
  15. Check here:
    He also sells GT take offs on ebay as CascoTech.
  16. Casco

    Actually I've emailed them a couple of times... I've never gotten a response yet. If anyone has an ongoing correspondence with the folks at Casco crash parts, can you ask them what the price would be for a GT front bumper w/ grille? :hail2:

  17. Hey, you know the GT front fascia wont line up correctly with the v6 body, right? It leaves a pretty sizeable gap between the grille and fender. Just making sure you know!
  18. I have heard people talking about this... ideally what I'd like to do is attach the GT bumper to my car, then work on making any necessary modifications to the grille (or possibly combining a V6 and V8 grille somehow). I'm no car expert but I'm a curious little geek who's good with clodging things together, so...

    Can you further explain the fitment problem? Where exactly is the gap? (I've heard people use the term "fender" to describe everything from the quarter panels to the bumper to the rocker panels... humor me, I usually deal with idiots. :D )

  19. i bought my seats from Mike at Casco, never had any problems he has a website that lists his phone number.
    there it is. he is a nice guy, he also does a lot of ebay auctions.
  20. Rather than me try and explain this entirely, browse through these links:



    In short, the tabs dont mount up correctly from the grille and fascia with the body of the car, leaving a gap btw. the front fascia and the grill. If you just want the grill and not fascia, there are a few aftermarket companys comming out with options. And theres always the Mr.Wick style headlights, which I kinda prefer. Attached is an example of before and after with the grille, and my car with the Mr.Wick style headlights.

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