UD pullies for V6?

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  1. GT/V6 grille

    Awesome... now I understand. Thanks very much for your linkage Zodiac! You actually solved my entire dilemma regarding the V6/GT grille & bumper... I found a post by someone on the TMS board that has sucessfully put together a V6 grille with a GT bumper on a V6 '05! Now I just need to find that elusive redfire front bumper.

    Looking forward to your results on Sat, MSP!

  2. Zodiac, thats really nice work man!! So this GT grill to V6 seems to be a common upgrade I see.. How about the rear?

    I think this is definatley an upgrade that needs to be done.. Nice pics Zodiac!! :nice:
  3. Haha thanks, I do what I can. Yeah, alot of people have interest in the grill, mainly for the fog lights. The rear fascia should link up with no trouble as far as I know.
  4. MSP, or anyone else--

    So, did we ever figure out if there's a way to adapt UD pullies to fit the V6?
  5. Sorry to go back to the fascia thing again but my dealer has told me that the mounting points for front & rear are different on the GT & V6.

    Kim, any chance you could copy & paste that thread onto here to save us all searching it out?

  6. I hope thats not true about the rear bumper cover .. I am not sure it is though because there are a lot of ppl who change the rear cover on the V6 to the GT so they can have 2 exhaust ports. ..

    That was my plan anyways .. so I hope thats not true :(
  7. Steve--

    Here's the thread on The Mustang Source where we last discussed mounting the GT front fascia on the V6:


    Dineau and Tiberius1701 have sucessfully installed GT front bumpers on their V6's... and Tiberius' is with the stock V6 grille; he used twist ties and double sided foam tape to get the V6 grille to stay properly.

    I tend not to trust much of what comes out of my dealer's mouth... unless I'm talking to a parts guy who knows what he's talking about, like Kevin C. I haven't had a chance to ask his opinion on the matter yet, but I will.

  8. Thanks Kim. The information I'd got was from one of the parts guys - nice guy but he didn't know the grille was a different size until I bought one & tried to fit it (hadn't discovered this forum at that point).

  9. What are you talking about..."rotational characteristics" ??
  10. Better check the bolt pattern/backspacing/width of that Crankshaft pulley compared to the GTs!!

    Anyone know the specs on a 4.0 SOHC Crank pulley ??
  11. Uh, Bolt pattern spread, backspacing gap, pulley width..... Remeber here! The 4.6GT is NOT the same engine as the 4.0!
  12. I thought this thread was about UNDERDRIVE PULLIES ???
  13. Sorry to keep the GT bumper thing going, but I just did mine. They matched up fine, however I did have to get a bunch of new bolts and some other parts to do it. Went to Casco, emailing him was useless, so I simply called til he answered the phone. Got the complete kit and love it.

    As for the UD pullies, I'm very keen to see how this one ends up.