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  1. A fellow F-1 fan huh? Not too many Mustangers I know of that enjoy F-1. Then you'll appreciate that the new Mustang has fly-by-wire throttle like the F-1 cars.

    P.S. what do you think of the new Williams FW26?
  2. The new Williams is sweet looking, they're actually my favorite team. (Until Montoya joins Raikonnen at McLaren, hehe) I honestly thought they gave up on the twin keel, maybe I missed them saying they put it off til this year or something. Apparently the new Ferrari has a front wing thats gonna blow everyone away when they debut it on the 26th of this month. Not many Mustangers? I'd say not many AMERICANS are F1 fans... yet. It's rare to find someone who follows it even here in the motor city. My buddy and I go to the USGP every year. I even made a cool racing setup for PS2 racing games last year... it's a seat from and older, totalled Grand Am mounted on a PVC pipe frame with a Logitech steering wheel for the game and pedals. Everything adjusts, seat position, recline, pedal position and pedal angle. It's great for playing F1 games. My buddy and I like to crack a few beers and have lap time shootouts with it, hehe. I'll send you pictures if you like.


  3. I thought I read the new Williams has the twin keel. Interestingly...Sauber abandoned the twin keel set-up...even though they came up with.

    I go to Montreal every year for the Canadian GP, have gone for the last 5 years.

    Here's a pic I took at last year's race..


    You've got to try F1 Challenge for PC...possibly best race game out there (until GT4 for PS2 comes out).

    Anyways...enough off that...back to topic. Pardon the interrupton
  4. It IS twin keel, I worded that poorly. I meant last year I kinda forgot about it, happy to see they didn't, haha. Did you mean Grand Prix Challenge by Atari? Thats the one I play, I think it's the latest one out. Cool picture, I've been dying to do the Montreal race.

    Sorry Stangers, we'll wrap this up, haha.


  5. Oh...lemme tell you...the Canadian GP at Montreal is THE happening of the racing season. It's a four day party.'s EA's Formula 1 Challenge. It simulates the 1999 through 2002 season. Check out the site.

    EA Sports Formula 1 Challenge 99-02
  6. My bad, I didn't even see your PC designnation, never tried one on PC. Is the Canadian GP on this year?
  7. Oh yeah...bought the tickets as soons as it came back on the schedule. Heck...I just got a letter from the hotel I reserved telling me they're rasing my reservation another 200 dollars, and that they'll charge my credit unless I cancell by April 10th (usually you can cancel the day of your arrival).
  8. Ouch. I can't believe they can do that.

  9. I've already got an out. My buddy go with our significant others (his wife and my girlfriend) to the race evry year. Well...he's commercial pilot, and because he travels so often, het gets to stay in a lot of hotels on the company dime. But he gets the points from the various hotel clubs, so he saves them up all year and when it comes time for the race, he just uses them up to get our hotel rooms and we stay for free. I just reserve the room as a fall back.
  10. Gotcha, very nice.

    OK I think we're done, sorry Mr. Moderator =)

  11. No worries :nice:

  12. Yep...we'll behave we promise....

    That is uness Ford somehow scores a win with either Jaguar or

  13. I also just put down a deposit for the 2006 Mustang Cobra as well. The Ford sales manager told me that the new Cobra will cost around $35,000 to $40,000 depending upon whether I pick the coupe or the convertible. I like the coupe better.

    I can't wait until my car is built and arrives. I ordered the fire engine red color.
  14. Well there WAS Brazil.... hahaha poor Fisichella didn't even get to stand on the podium. I'll abandon every single rule on the website if a Minardi finishes on the podium.

  15. The new williams is kind of fugly, but fast.
    Renault hasn't officially launched yet but there are testing photo's of it on The new Sauber looks like last years Ferrari, painted blue.

    My prediction is It'll come down to Mclaren and Williams (ie Monty and Kimi) this year for the championship. Ferrari won't factor at all unless Bridgestone can come up with a brilliant tire this year.

    Oh, yea, an I think the new mustang is pretty special too.
  16. are you people putting down deposits on Cobras? As far as I knew you couldn't even put deposits down on the 05s even.
  17. i sometimes wonder why bmw is treated with such a mystical reverence. just a few observations i have noted in my experiences....awful paint, either too hard or too soft, never looks right. scratches easily. crummy, dry leather inside. cracks and fades easily. i think i would prefer the pleather from the trans ams. bmw's do have great carpeting though. now they handle great, that is true. but power wise, they are peppy at best, and by know means powerful. i can say from experience that as of now, ford has the best paint on the market. i can do things with ford paint and pull scratches out that i couldnt dream of doing with any german made car. we all know the engine is superb in the mustang, and will only get better. I am personally glad to see ford trying to improve itself. the mustang gt looks great. and i cant wait to drive one. if it of good quality, i will buy one know questions asked. and if they make a 45K Cobra, as long as it lives up to the tag, whats the problem? If you cant swing 46K, get the gt and mod it. but dont hate the cobra for it. i would like to see ford compete in a higher market. any american company can compete with bmw, mercedes, etc, if they choose too.
  18. As for paint and stuff, you may be right. Leather you may have a point too, I like the leather in my Cobra more than most bimmers. As far as power, I kind of disaree. Of course all the M's are powerful, but even a manual 540i is a pretty fast sedan and a 330i moves well too. The new 7 series hauls some major arse for how heavy it is and the transmission's amazing. The 760 V-12 is insanely fast for a big car. Now, obviously you pay for it but the X5 4.6is was the fastest SUV on the market till the Cayenne came out. One thing's for certain, BMW's "regular" models beat the piss out of Mercedes run-of-the-mills who seem to refuse to put a manual gearbox in any car but the little C-class, and not even the AMG one. I would never buy a non-AMG Mercedes, except for the SL, thats a sweet ride.

  19. I think 351CJ is right.

    Look at it this way for the 2005+ Mustang models.

    V6 - 200 HP
    GT - 300 HP
    Special model, like a Shelby, Boss or something like that 400 HP
    SVT Cobra 500 HP.

    I mean it is obvious that the Cobra would compete with the Vette. Hell, i want the Cobra to beat the Vette. So quit whining. I'd sware you guys are GM guys.
  20. I'm going to assume you're joking. If not, get your money back right away. If you believe anything a dealership tells you about a product that is at least two years away, you really should reconsider.