uhh wrecked the stang

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  1. aww...that sucks...dont worry about it..say its another reason so get a kit...
  2. umm getting Ford OEM V6 parts... parents making me
  3. Damn man, I know how it feels to see your pride and joy wrecked. But it doesnt look so bad, bumper, lamps, foam pads maybe few other small things. Bumper reinforcement looks fine in pic, just a little skuffed up. Least your allright. So what happened?
  4. im sure its all his fault or he woulda said
  5. looks minor
    good thing too.
    get yourself an 03 cobra bumper haha
    they are OE parts too.
    makes no sense to just get v6 parts again, thats retarded.
    wat happened dude, and why are you parked near a lake in the middle of a field?
    cool color, i havent seen a v6 stang in that color yet.
  6. Yeah I wanted Cobra parts but I quit my job a little while ago and couldnt pay the difference from a V6 bumper to a Cobra. So Im getting a V6 front again and A GT hood scoop on a new V6 hood. The cool part is I have a Mach I chin spoiler waiting to go on. I am also going to have the rims back on.

    What happened... Ok so I was droppin my brother off at his middle school. I was waiting to pull out of the middle scool (turning left.) I look left looks clear look right and I see a fellow Stanger of mine waiting to turn left into the school. So he waves me and I start to turn.... well a girl in my car screams and I slam the brakes. I was going about 4 MPH and I hit this old woman in a mini van. Well I guess she didnt feel me hit her because she kept goin and ripped everything off my front. My fault 4 points 150 dollar ticket failure to yield.

    Sorry about the wreck cotton that sucks

    I am parked beside my house :)
  7. haha i almost had my stang in the same position as yours today only worse... as im pulling out of the road i live on to the main one... i look left *no one*, look right *no one* so i start to pull out and this ******* comes flyin by me.. i must have been an inch from hitting that ******* just because he was flying down the road.... not much more u can do that look each way, if you do a double take you will be stuck in an infinate loop looking each way to cross the road<-sorry computer programming mind in that last sentance
  8. dude, what lake is that? is it a private lake/pond? is it big enough to ski on? i'm getting a boat in a few weeks, and if i can get access to the water, you are welcome to come along and ski/board with me. I'm trying to avoid the public lakes like murray or others.
  9. Looks more like a river to me.

    Sorry bout the wreck man. You can get those parts really cheap as take off's from Saleen or Roush. That should save you lots of money hopefully. But I don't know if they made many Saleens, roushes, etc in that color.
  10. No offense to anyone...but this is why my insurance is so high! Stop wrecking guys! :). No seriously, that sucks. GL on repairing it.
  11. Its a private pond, its a rather large pond though. I will take a pic tomorrow.

    I get my car back FRIDAY!! woohoo
  12. hah i havent wrecked my stang yet, i bet it's a record! i've had it for like 10 months, and i'ma a new driver!
  13. big enough to ski on? are motorized boats allowed on it? where in Columbia is it?
  14. private pond means it's not open to the public...
  15. private pond means it is only for the use of those who live on it/own it/own a portion of it. If BAB lives on it, he has access to it, but maybe he doesn't have a boat...
  16. Yeah not motor boats... Sorry man. It is good for fishing though :)
  17. that's cool, good luck on getting the stang fixed up.