Ultimate Head Gasket

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  1. It was all custom one off stuff. We had to mail him a stock gasket, and he cut the copper one to fit.

  2. See, this is how I know that most of the stuff I post is disregarded or dismissed as blather.:nonono:

    "Well I'm 90% done w/ the engine build. All that remains to be purchased is the pushrods, valve springs, and retainers. So I have a very accurate account of what it costs to "keep it all Ford" vs just dumping a 5300 LS truck engine in the thing.
    I'll break it down for you:

    1. JY core D8 250 C.I. rebuilder engine 200.00
    1. Salvage bare D0 Australian Crossflow alloy head 275.00
    1. Custom made exhaust manifold 150.00
    1 Custom made F.I. intake manifold 440.00
    6 3/32" replacement cylinder sleeves 180.00
    1 Hardbloc "shortfill" kit 80.00
    Machine work to freshen engine 550.00
    1 Set (8)ARP waveloc SBF 5/16 rod bolts 70.00
    1 Custom length set ARP head studs 100.00
    1 Set ARP main studs 80.00
    1 Custom made solid billet roller cam from Australia 750.00
    6 sets Comp Extreme roller lifters w/ removable link bar 390.00
    1 set Racetec Custom build 2618 alloy piston w/ pins, locks, and rings 890.00

    1 Custom built Cometic tool steel core MLS head gasket 150.00
    6 Scorpion BBC 1.880" SS exhaust valves ( used as intakes) 84.00
    8 Compcams SBC 1.5" SS exhaust valves (cheaper to buy as set of 8) 74.00
    1 set (16)Compcams BBF 1.73 roller rocker (only needed 12) 169.97
    1 set (16) Crane pedestal conversion kit for BBF/Cleveland 139.97
    1 70mm Summit brand throttle body 139.97
    6 60 lb EV1 style fuel injectors 224.00
    1 Standard volume Melling oil pump 70.00
    1 Stock replacement timing chain (all I can get) 50.00
    1 labor charge to balance rotating assy 250.00
    1 Pioneer SFI rated zero balance SBF harmonic balancer 160.00
    1 Auto Specialties 25% underdrive crank pulley 50.00
    1 Set Clevite rod/main beraings -010 80.00
    1 misc charge for doo dads 100.00

    The shocking bottom line 5896.91"

    Quote: Me.

    I already settled on a Cometic custom built steel core MLS head gasket. Already found out how much it's gonna cost, and how long it's gonna take. Already did, already done, already over, nyahh, nyahh, nyahh.
    Copper has been deemed prone to leakage, and not really suited for a street car, so I've ruled that dude out. All that crap at the start of the thread about me being unsure about the Cometic being unable to contain 18 psi was just that.....crap.

    You guys should really pay more attention to me, I am a highly respected member here.:rolleyes:[/Quote][/Quote]
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  3. Yeah,..That was the last of it. I believe I was using that as a solution for what was it?.........lack of traction?

    I forget. Was that when I decided to try and heat a 7.5 ring gear in a pizza oven while simultaneously cryo-freezing an 8.8 differential in hopes of getting them to fit,...or was that the time I drained out all of the gear oil, and packed my rear end w/ sawdust trying to get it to quiet down?
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  4. See now I can't take you seriously, everyone knows you pack the rear or a manual transmission with bananas. Sawdust goes in auto transmissions only. Space shuttle glue head-gaskets are one thing, but these old secrets are sacred. I enjoyed wasting my time, it was a good read.
  5. [/Quote][/quote]

    Wait... Who are you? :scratch:
  6. I just couldnt get over how an aerospace scientist took hours to sit and talk to a guy from Alabama.
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  7. He was so intrigued by my build, he just wouldn't stop talking.

    It was like I had him "glued" to the phone.:runaway:

  8. I used to have a pretty nasty Mister myself back in the day!
  9. Loved that car. I miss it, and want another one.

  10. Aren't all the NASA scientists in Alabama?

  11. The fate of our nations aerospace program is doomed... ;)
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  12. Haven't y'all seen October Sky? Our rocket program started in a coal mine.
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  13. It's true. The Foundation of NASA research is in Huntsville, AL.

  14. only good thing from alabama is the football players lol