Ultimate Red Foxbody!!!

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  1. I have been pondering this idea for my 5.0, but just dont know how it would turn out. If I had photoshop I would play around all day :)

    I would like to know what a RED HATCHBACK GT would look like w/ the following:

    1)Chrome 17x9 Cobra wheels/ OR 10th anniversary svt cobra wheels (chrome, silver, anthrice, whatever) like in the pic below with the green mustang

    2)A BLACK/Carbon Fiber Mach 1,2, or 3 ram air hood, Cervini ram air hood, or 2.5 cowl hood

    3)And finally LX tail lights along with maybe the LX spoiler??? I always wondered what a GT would look like with the GT bumper and LX tails and spoiler.

    Here is a VIDEO I saw w/ a RED GT and Carbon fiber hood:

    Here's a couple pics of my mustang:
    View attachment 254200

    View attachment 254201

    View attachment 254202

    Here is a pic of a saleen type stang with a GT'ish bumper and LX Spoiler:
    View attachment 254203

    Isn't this BADASS!!!!

    If anyone could help me out, whether you have photoshop or just give your own opinion, that would be more than great! I appreciate any opinions on this chrome wheel, black hood, lx spoiler idea that i can get. Thanks.

    Now what would this look like with a black/carbon fiber ram air or cowl hood??? And possibly an LX spoiler or 10th anniversary SVT Cobra wheels or 03 Cobra wheels?

    (Looks like he may have a Cobra wing instead of a stock gt wing)
    (*Notice his factory cowl vent painted red*)

  3. how about a 1-off mustang that will run the balls off anything

  4. I think your idea of the ultimate red fox is a little different then most other peoples idea of the ultimate red fox which is going to make it very difficult to find pictures of what you want. Plus you are being to picky. Look up people like mansonozz and almost_stock, other then that you are going to have to use your imagination.

    I would just keep it simple..





  5. The s197 is lame, and your "finally found gt" looks like every other lame gt you see driving around with flowmasters and a H pipe.
  6. That's a saleen rear-bumpered-side-skirted-front-bumpered with lx spoiler... What is a GT'ish bumper anyway???
  7. whoa whoa whoa, I wouldnt go as far as to be rude and say his gt looks like every other lame gt out there, his car just looks stock, so your calling all stock GT's lame, you shouldnt own a fox then.
  8. Umm, you cant read. I was talking about the one he posted with the cobra r wheels.
  9. True, but that car would look good if it just had different headlights.
  10. That was a cool car but tech has changed a whole bunch since 91. Also, whe do the front wheels have a lip and the rear wheels have a -lip? :scratch:
  11. Quite possibly my favorite Stang of ALL TIME :rock:
  12. tech or not that is a TT 5.0..

    So where are teh coupes?????? :fuss:
  13. View attachment 254072

    yeah too bad he got into an accident and he ended up selling it before testing the TT setup it had. I think it had a bad injector and he fixed. while on the way to the alignment shop someone made a uturn infront of him. He now sports a sweet sn95 saleen.

    I miss that car too. the car who bought it doesnt post on here.
  14. I know that was a saleen kit. I was implying it was the closest thing ive ever seen to a GT rear bumper with LX spoiler. I've seen ppl with LX bumpers and GT spoilers, but never the other way around.
  15. Thanks for the input so far guys!

    My post does sound kinda picky, im not trying to be, just keeping options open. I know what most people think of when it comes to a nice red fox. (I appreciate the cobra pics mob.) Im just trying to think of something different.

    Mainly the LX spoiler & tails with GT bumper, kinda like the green fox with the saleen kit. Most red foxes ive seen dont look very good, if at all, unless if its a cobra of course! The paint usually fades pretty bad on them over time.
  16. I would have to say 89stang1's car is the nicest red fox I can think of
  17. The S197 has a big black grill and black headlights to tie into the hood...on a Fox it just looks like you bought a hood and haven't had it painted yet, and if it's carbon fiber it just looks ricerish.

    If i had an aero GT it would be a lot like my buddy's '89. We need to work on his headlights and hood gap though, and it has a Cobra spoiler now (made it look WAY better than the GT wing did).

    View attachment 254071
  18. TT351

  19. yeah i definetely see what your saying about the black grill and lights on the s197. I thought since foxes have so much black trim around the windows that it might help tie it in, along with having the windows tinted. Maybe black wheels or smoked headlight would help, idk. (The black wheels on the Cobra above look killer!)

    I am curious as to what an LX spoiler & tails would look like on a GT though. I just bought a set of LX tail lights off ebay for $55 and theres a red LX spoiler in my area for sale. But i just dont know how it would look. Plus he wants $125, so Im trying to talk him down.
  20. The GT rear valance looks a LOT different than that Saleen one on the green car. Using that to determine how it would look is going to set you up for disappointment. In my opinion.

    I don't have any photos of what it looks like, as the only GTs I know have Cobra bumpers, or stock/cobra wings.

    As for the wheels, I'm sure you could find them on any Mustang style out there. Cobra wheels and Cobra Rs are very common.

    The fact your having a hard time getting what you want to see is good. It means noone else out there has it. How can you beat that?