Ultimate Red Foxbody!!!

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  1. the bumper is molded to the car is why
  2. :D
  3. soooooooo,,,, he got some rims and a better camera?
  4. And probably resprayed all the trim and waxed/claybar'd it.

    LX tails just look better than GT tails...not really any other way to explain it. Cobra/SVO style is the way to go though.
  5. The right wheels and stance can make ANY car look good!
  6. More pics/ info please. New work wallpaper
  7. The black GT tails on a red fox will look out of place. Like the car was painted and the tail lights were forgot. In my opinion.
  8. i also agree with mob id stay close to original a gt is already designed to look nice if anything id go with a cobra r grill insert and a change of taillights and maybe even a cobra r hood imo 17" alloy cobras would look better on a red fox dont you think red on a fox already pops enough? chrome would look better on a blue notch or a black hatch thats just my opinion though goodluck on the styling
  9. i have those taillights and they are pricey 250 a pop ouch!!!!!!!!!!!! going on my car in the future
  10. My all time favorite RED Foxbody:D
  11. 89Stang, on the 86 tails, do they come all the way out the sides flush with the sheet metal? I got a pair and the dont look like they fit that well. I dont know if my sheet metal is slightly out if whack or what....
  12. Actually at the bottom of the tail its about even with body at the top of tail their in and 1/8 of inch from body lol i never noticed till u pointed that out

  13. that there my friend is a beautiful cobra w/black saleens limited and super pricey for a stock fox body but well worth the money
  14. Ya know I get a semi every time I see that car. I never cared for red on Foxes (or any car for that matter)but I would kill anyone on here you wanted me to for that car. :D Well except mabey 3 people, but everyone else. :rlaugh:

    The only thing that always bugs me is the hood lift mounts on the hood. I know there is not anything that can be done about it but they are just so freaking big! Makes them look added on and I prefer them with the standard little two hole mount that makes them look factory.
    I assume the hood must be fibreglass?
  15. My car stock with cobra rims:shrug:
  16. cool, its not just me then... I was kind of worried about that