ULTIMATE sleeper combo????!!1

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  1. was wondering what the ultimate sleeper combo you guys can come up with is! right now i'm porting my stock heads with a bigger intake valve, with the 302 bottom end ported explorer intake cause it looks stock and a 100 shot from zex, with drag radials, good rear suspension and basic bolt ons should look pretty stock with reasonable mufflers and mild cam it sounds pretty stock hoping for mid 12's on DR with 3.55's
    eventually would like to throw a stroked 351W with GT40 lower so i can still use the stock looking explorer upper and up the nitrous to 150 or 175 shot!
    waiting till i blow up my current combo for that!

    what can you guys come up with that looks totally stock?
  2. Wont the 100 shot of NOS give it away, i mean it is extremely visible. With that setup I'm betting 13's. 12's is kinda asking much.
  3. ultimate sleeper combo?
    a S/C'd 427 in a Trabbie. :)
  4. should be able to hide the nitrous pretty easily as long as observer isn't too thorough, nitrous bottle hidden in my subwoofer inclosure, command module in the fender, NOS nozzle a little harder but into the bottom of the MAF at the back should work, the TPS splice can be hidden in that corrugated wiring cover,
    you guys only think low 13's? should be easy 260 hp on motor + 100 shot =360 hp with gears and decent tires and tuned rear suspension with some reasonable weight reduction. stock LS1's run high 12's with just drag radials and stock gearing, some magazines even get no option LS1's into the 12.99's without anything!

    i guess we'll all see in a few months when the weather is better :D
  5. that notch is damn work of art! 8's!!! H#lySh1t! the money you could make.....................
    pretty damn stock besides the fuel cell and cage! love the 17' ponys too
  6. a 4 eyed stang with a junkyard twin turbo setup!
  7. A 347 with an Extrude Hone ported Explorer upper, hand ported lower, AFR 185's and a healthy nitrous shot, backed by a Lentech, AOD strip-terminator with wide-ratio gearset and 3.73's. It might not be as fast as that BEAUTIFUL silver notch, but you'd have a lot of fun taking people for a ride.
  8. In my opinion a "sleeper" is a car that appears and sounds totally stock, but is incredibly fast. When I say "appears totally stock", I mean from the outside. If you're popping the hood for all to see, then it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they're going to get their rear end kicked if you're running 16+ psi of boost and a nitrous fogger system. A true sleeper should look and sound so sedate that there would be no reason for them to ask to see what's under the hood in the first place. That's the point of a sleeper.

    That said. A poked n' stroked 351 with a "small" cam and a big turbo and a dead-quiet exhaust sytem would be my choice. A good computer recalibration should get that thing to idle and behave like stock. Combine that with a stiff, welded chassis (all the seams welded), chassis/floorpan reinforcements welded inside the car and hidden under the carpet, torque-box reinforcements, stock control arms boxed in with high-durometer rubber bushings (Steeda), rear upper control arm mounts moved for improved instant center, double adjustable shock/strut combo, softer front springs. Stock wheels (rears widened an inch or so to mount some bigger rubber).

    It should look and sound bone stock to someone walking around the car.
  9. use a stock motor with thumper heads and tmoss ported lower and fti cam thats good for mid 12's
  10. That combo you want should easily go 12s...

    I think my plan is to build a great sleeper. I plan to port my heads, and mill them (might have to go to a 1.6 rocker) get a set of flat top pistons (obviousely have to make sure theres no p/v issues), offset grind the crank, light weight rods, port a stock intake, all the bolt ons, and a custom ground cam (I plan to use a stocker, but retarded 4 degrees). With all the suspension mods, on slicks I think mid 11s is possible. Mine with the stock bottem end, stock cam, and unported heads made 272 rehp. I would say 320 rwhp and 11s is easy on a "sleeper".
  11. Buddy Rawls also specializes in "intake restricted" custom cams.
  12. Sirsureshot, that car is awesome. I have the same one, except all stock of course. :rolleyes: Thought about building something like that, but I think it's actually time to move on instead.

    I think a sleeper can have pretty much anything under the hood. It just should not look fast. There's pretty much two kinds. The car in primer that's blowing everyones doors off and the meticulous all stock looking car like the one in the link.

    This is my friends car. I think this car is a sleeper.
  13. I plan on soon building mine into a sleeper. I am going to put a DSS 331 with a turbo. Hoping to put about 500 or more to the wheels easily. I have a set of 10 holes for the slicks and ponies for the street.
  14. This is what I would do for a sleeper 'Stang
    -slightly beat fox, not too bad just a few dents
    -'75-'78 'Stang engine, stock
    -'87 Thunderbird turbocoupe T5
    -Rear End gearing 3.55 to 4.10

    I know it dosn't sound fast but i know a guy that has this setup and he can stomp 5.0 HOs and his engine is only 140 hp
  15. Ultimate sleeper is my car, lol.
    Fit 450 hp under the stock hood, and the car looks like ass.
  16. Seems to me the truest meaning of "sleeper" means it will look stock under the hood........nothing sleeper about a power adder when you pop the hood.
  17. well. if your cruising along the highway, and walk a viper with a stock hooded mustang with ponies...id say youve got yourself a sleeper, reguardless of whats visable under the hood.
  18. im with tmoss stock under hood also. i get told that my car has ported heads and intake cause stock motored aod cars dont run low 13's. i know mine is stock, its well tuned and suspension is as important as power. there are alot of 500hp supras around here running 12's that slip all the way down the track.
  19. Agree'd.
    Rolling up to a car on the highway and rolling with it... well, you never know what you're up against.
    Checking out a car in the pits/sonic/show and shine, and agree'n to line them up is a horse of a different colour.

    this is the neatest sleeper I've seen.
    11.60's with stock valve covers, iron heads (yes young fella's, back then TFS made iron heads) and stock appearing intakes, MAM, injectors battery wiper motor, working a/c, full smog intact... and N/A, at the time it was all stock interior and sheet metal.