ULTIMATE sleeper combo????!!1

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Allforspeed, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. That Duffee car isn't quite a sleeper. I've seen it in person when they built my motor. It's a monster.
  2. not anymore.
    years ago when it was all stock looking tho.
    Did you check the link and read?
    Brian show'd you the pictures of it when it looked stock?
    It did get turned into a race car, then got stolen... but wayyyy back... it was a sleeper
  3. http://wighat.com/fcr3/
  4. I have a fiberglass stock hood. Thats why I bought it. :D

    If I had the money I would build an R302 with a stock cam good heads and a twin turbo setup. It would be a lot quieter than the whining s-trim supercharger in Tim's Car and would make more power.

    But I have to admit when I saw his car I was very impressed. :nice:
    And there is something about a white coupe that I like as well........ :D
  5. If thats for me, I would run a set of Drs on some 10 hole rims, and youd never think twice about!! :D
  6. i agree 100%
  7. Tom his email doesnt work,any chance you have a phone# ?
  8. All your cars are slow. I dare any of you to line up to my sequential turbo tri intercooled propane injected 351 with a 302 crank and i WILL OWN JOO! Its not built yet, but ill have pics someday. Your all HATERS!
  9. Maybe in a couple years when you get your license.
  10. Cobra tt's sig:
    1979 Mustang Cobra
    -Seriously Ported heads
    -Port Matched Intake/ Ex Gasket
    -351 Aluminum Block w/ Diamond 302 Crank
    -Propane Multiport Fuely
    -3 Sequential 62-1 Hybrid Turbos
    -4" Exhaust w/ Xpipe YEAAA!!
    -Midvalley Semi-Clutchless 16sp. External overdrive unit (34 Gears in all)
    -4 link Crown Victoria rear w/3.55's
    -Custom Widebody Wings
    -5 Lug Conversion
    -16"" Spinners
    -16" Daytona Rims Rear. 16-35-395 drag radials
    -8200 RWHP
    -About 9000 Foot Pounds of Pavement Pounding Bull****

    That has to be the biggest BS sig ever.
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  14. how old are you? because if you have honeslty accomplished all the things in your sig. it would seem to me that you would have a better conscience, you call us haters and everything.... but everytime you say that **** you act like you are a little kid. Everyone on this site knows that you are lying, give it up.... go somewhere else.
  15. and your sig. changed, WTF!!! now you only have a 12 speed? WTF happened to the 9000ft/lbs of torque? The 8200RWHP, not 820 WRHP. Where is the "tri- im lying out my ass-intercooler"? give it up you ****ing idiot.
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  18. Where's a moderator when you need him???
  19. Some pictures and dyno graphs might help put this to bed......
  20. Even I never look this bad :rolleyes: Hopefully the Thumpers and a cam,will give me a 12 second sleeper :nice: Us 5.0's have a reputation to keep up :nice: