ULTIMATE sleeper combo????!!1

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  1. whatever it is, make sure u put some mercedes S500 mufflers on it to shut it up real good, nobody will expect a thing
  2. :lol: :lol: Actually,they would probably be real good for back pressure :D But Im sure the price tag would make Bassani's look cheap!!
  3. S500 muffs? thats a good idea.
  4. Nah,,it would be real quiet,maybe some Ferarre Enzo muffs :nice:
  5. I know it's not a Mustang, but dayum if this ain't a sleeper...

    An L72 427 Kingswood Estate wagon. 1 of 1 with the original window sticker.
  6. The bug-eye Sprite is a beautiful car and seems to be very well engineered, but the tires and sound would nix most of the sleeper aspect.

    Mike Yount's car is absolutely a sleeper even though the 5.0 signature exhaust note could be heard by the atuned ear.
  7. I'm fixin' to remedy the exhaust note issue - a pair of stock/OEM Corvette C5 mufflers are about to go on. Quiet that puppy down so I can hear my CD's. :)

    To be honest with you Tom, the 5.0 emblem is RARELY a give away. Most folks don't even see the whole car, let alone the emblem. I continue to be amazed by it - a beige Volvo is about as invisible as you can get. You can't imagine the number of people at car shows for example that walk right by even with the hood up. And there's a signficant number that glance under the hood and don't 'notice' anything out of the ordinary -- that's how powerful the Volvo stealth is. Still surprises me. I have talked myself out of one altercation with the law (he 'heard' me, didn't see me) by innocently pointing back to the car and saying "it's a Volvo for crying out loud. Have you ever DRIVEN a Volvo? How could I possibly have done what you're saying I did?" He apologized and left to find the Mustang or Camaro that had painted those twin stripes in the parking lot.
  8. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:
    Now thats a Sleeper! ;)
  9. And while I'm not particularly proud of the moment (I usually take my medicine), it is absolutely a true story. Knoxville police officer part timing it as a security cop for the local mall questioning the 'vigor' with which I accelerated up the ramp near the top floor (no one else around -- except the cop) of a covered parking garage. I simply couldn't help myself. And it was before the car was painted/trim blacked out/wheels painted dark. It looked a bit more like a stock Volvo with a set of alloys. To Tom's point, I had turned it off before the cop drove up to inquire 'what the heck I thought I was doing'.
  10. you useing [email protected]?
    I've lost his phone number, but will PM how you can find it.
  11. I've corresponded with Buddy at that address within the past few months.
  12. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  13. Thanks guys :nice: I will try it later.Im off to buy a new schrader valve!! I took it off 2 days ago to check my FP,when I went to put it back on I droped it in the grass(full of leaves) I had to go to the dealer,,5 bucks though,I can live with that!!
  14. Got it in!! Can anything go wrong if your FP is too high? I never used a gauge at the track,I just kept track of the turns (so I thought) It was about 70psi.That explains why the Fuel pump was sounding so funky :rolleyes:
  15. I wouldn't want to run a basically stock system at those kinds of pressures. I'd try and get it down closer to 40.
  16. Oh yeah,,I got it down to 38!! Had a problem with the plastic vaccum line braking.PITA!!! Just might replace all of them with rubber hose.
  17. that sprite is mean....500+hp 2400lbs,.....smells like 9's to me, probably smoke that walser supra or a liter bike if you could keep you balls together at 150 mph in a bugeye sprite!!
  18. That Sprit is a death trap!!Remember those cars in the early to mid 60's,the Sun Beam Tiger,,it was a little tiny english car(no,not a cobra) with a ford 260 V-8 !!! You can pick up a nice one for around 10,000. Take out the 260,and put in a 5.0 :nice: What a little torque monster that would be!!
  19. I'd stroke it to a 331 with a forged bottom end, put a slightly bigger cam in so you get more power, but not enough to give the "Thump," AFR 185's, not sure on intakes, probably like a Trick Flow Track Heat or something. Then put a turbo kit on there, preferably a bigger one because you won't hear it spool, and you have enough torque anyway. Then since you'll get the headers with the turbo kit, run the factory h-pipe untouched (means functioning converters), and the stock cat-back. I think it would be a rather nice setup without a dead giveaway till you hit boost. :D