ULTIMATE sleeper combo????!!1

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  1. LOL have you ever seen a Sun Beam Tiger? Its not much bigger then a MG !! 225hp and 300 pounds of torque would probably put you in the low 12's!!
  2. Willys - look more closely at the Sprite. It's an incredibly engineered piece of work. If 'deathtrap' means small - well, so it is. But it's incredibly engineered.

    Many would describe the Tiger as a deathtrap with a body/chassis/brakes not nearly up to the task of managing V8 HP. And if you find a decent one for $10K, you ought to buy it, cause you'll make money. The market for nice Tigers has skyrocketed in the last 5-10 years. Our understanding of what 'nice' means may vary - but I don't think you can touch a nice one (by my definition) for under $20K anymore. Cool cars - but not really a great performance car unless you go through a LOT of upgrading - brakes, cooling, chassis integrity, etc. Not to mention British electrics. And if you do all that, you ruin the collectible value. With traction you MIGHT reach 12's with a Tiger, but that traction would break the rear end, torque the body, etc. I know it looks attractive on paper, but as a practical matter it's not as attractive as it seems. Having said that, I've always liked them - wouldn't mind having one.

    That Sprite is essentially a custom built car from scratch with a Sprite body hung on it. Don't think Sprite with a V8. Think Viper/Vette with a smaller body.
  3. Hey Mike,there was no punn intented! That Sprite was an incredible piece of machinery(yes,Iwas referring to the size) Theres a first time for everything,,yes,I disagree!! 20,000 beans? Maybe totally minted out,,I mean total ground up restoration. But one thats in pretty good shape(no rust or rot,engine in good condition,no knocks or smoke,or ticking,,interior in good shape,good glass,brakes,and suspension in good shape) yes,,the Lucas electrical system is a night mare!! But to be honest I like 57 Olds J-2,and Pontiacs!!Those were under rated sleepers!! Everything is 57 Chevy,,57 Chevy,,,,,the 2 cars I mentioned would blow away a 57 Chevy.Even though the Nomad was pretty cool,,if you have a 1957 Pontiac Safari wagon,,you have a car :nice:
  4. Cleanlx I got it going THANKS :nice: Im pretty pumped up to talk to him!!
  5. I meant for a fox chassis car. :D
  6. Willys - curious to see if I was that far off of current events, I just checked Hemmings - there were 3 "Wanted" ads for Tigers, and 2 for sale. One was a pristine original car for $35K; one was a ground up restored for $40K. $10K isn't gonna buy you much of a Tiger these days.

    Safaris were cool. But the old American iron just isn't for me. That'll help keep the price down for you!
  7. 40 G's??? I guess its been awhile since I looked at them,even though Hemmings is over priced,sounds like 10 grand isnt gonna buy much!! Not into 50's,,ok. How about a 65 Lemans with a 326 4 barrel,and 4 speed :nice: There only about 270hp,but they were light!! GTO's got all the attention.(rightfully so :nice: )or a 61 Ventura with a 421 super Duty!! or a 65 nova with a 327-375hp!!!
  8. my experience is with Michael - i keep an eye on ads for old Brit stuff (it is along the lines of what i cut my teeth on years ago). rust bucket unrestored MKIII Healey's go for 20K. Tigers around here are almost untouchable - they sell by word of mouth, not ads.

    you gotta remember with those old cars, much like Porsches - buy the newest, nicest one you can afford. otherwise that 'good deal' turns into a huge money pit (costing 20K more to get a car worth the same as a car that sold for 10K more than the one purchased. that is hard to follow - one often only recoupes a fraction of money spent to get the to good condition). :)

    there is a nice Tiger (real tiger, not converted Alpine) or two around - they have always caught my eye. i still have a soft spot for Healeys though. ;)
  9. I used to love 60's cars,,I mean REALLY love!!! All of the sudden they lost there appeal. I really like these new cars.We are in the midst of a new muscle car era!!! The GTO,,the Mustang,,Chrysler 300,,and the Magnum,(I saw some pictures of the new Charger,but was not impressed) These 13 second pick-up trucks,the Fire Chicken and Camaro are coming back out. Those hot little 13 second 4-bangers.All of these exotic super cars,Cadilac has totally changed its image!! They are all fast,they are comfertable,they are good on gas,they have awsome paint jobs,state of the art suspension,transmissions are space age compared to the 60's,and best of all,they are big time reliable :nice: If your into restoring an old one,and taking it to shows,,thats cool,,,,,but I like driving em :nice: Lets see you drive a 69 Nova L-89 coast to coast 2 times with out it breaking down,,or having to stop to adjust the solid lifters :nonono: I dont know,new cars kick @ss :nice:
  10. Ain't it great? :nice: :D
  11. To get back to the point here. IMO a cheap, easy sleeper is a fairmont or the fox based LTDII. I like the fairmont personally. If it came with a better looking grille, it would be a very nice car.
  12. Hllon4whls, I agree. There's a guy over on Corral that has an 85 LTD II that's tough. BTW how'd you get that banned below your name??
  13. Does anyone with a 5.0 that is 12.99 or faster have any pics of there cars? Again,no cowl hood,after market rims,ect.,,,,just a plain Jane in a 5.0 wrapper!
  14. Cleanlx does if he visits this thread. Went 12.90s with a stock block and longtubes.
  15. I knew he was pretty fast,but I never saw his car.I wonder if he has any ground clearance issue's with the long tubes.
  16. I think most if not all long tubes have some kind of clearance issues. Mine always did on other cars - and especially if lowered.
  17. That [email protected]!! The other day I was driving in NYC (Manhatten) and some of the side streets are in seriously bad shape.If I had lowering springs instead of drag springs I would have torn apart the under carriege.Forget about longtubes!!!!
  18. Hey Cleanlx,throw up a few pics if you could