"Ultra-Clear" GT Foglamps, anyone have these ??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by yellowV6sport, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Are they all the same, or are there ones to avoid ??
    Is this a Ford made light with an aftermarket lens or a complete new lamp ??
    Is the clear lens Glass or Plastic ??

    Surprisingly the stock smoked headlights on my new '04 are pretty good, but you can never have enough light at night !!


  2. I am not too sure what "ultra clear" fog lights are, but I swapped out the factory fluted lens fogs, for some clear lens fogs. If curious, click on my mods link below.
  3. I ordered mine recently from MustangTuning.com. They're exact replicas of the originals, except with a new lense. I'm pretty sure the lenses are a durable plastic like the headlamp units. I think thay aren't made by Ford, but by a company similar to UPR Products or even Mustang Tuning theirselves.
  4. velocitymustangperformance.com

  5. Milenko had the 'good' ones!! :hail2:

    Don't know which ones to avoid ... but, those are the ones I want.
  6. That was one of the web sites I had seen them at originally, and was trying to find again. It caught my interest because I want the factory switch and a basic wiring harness to start with and this is how "www.velocitymustangperformance.com" offers them. Price is reasonable too !!

    So Milenko, are they actually functional in that they improve night vision ??

    What bulbs do they use ??