Suspension Unbearable Front Vibration

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bigvino, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I haven't checked the engine mounts yet, but will the engine shake like it's starving?

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  2. i'd look at your harmonic balancer while the car is running. Rev it up a bit by hand at the throttle body while watching the balancer. It should remain balanced. If it wobbles, its likely your culprit. Things can go real bad real quick if a bad balancer is continued to be ran
  3. Okay I will try that!! I hope this is the issue

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  4. I checked the harmonic balancer, and rotates perfectly.. No wobble

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  5. Can there be an issue with the clutch assembly? Before I stabbed in the used t-5 I installed a new throwout bearing..

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  6. Can anyone help?
  7. Like said by MFE how are your torque boxes?

    How bad is the engine shake?. Is the motor miss firing? Causing the starving condition?
  8. the engine isnt starving or shaking.. and my driver side torque box is torn,
  9. When they balanced the tires, were the wheels bent and how far off was the balance? It makes a HUGE difference if the car vibrates when in motion and in neutral at a stop or not. How about just revving it up to a steady 4000 rpm?
  10. Pressure plate. I had a bad vibration at about 3000rpm, changed balancer no luck, then car started knocking real bad. Long story short my pressure plate was out of balance and took out main bearings. Good luck
  11. when im neutral, i dont get any sort of vibrations.
  12. I'd pull off rear wheels put it on jack stands and see if the drums are bad. I bought new drums from Pep Boys and I think they were bad and replaced them with Motorcraft and it seemed much better. Anyway, you might be able to replicate shaking at low rpm with rear wheels off the ground. Obviously, chock and make sure car is secure and be safe.
  13. I am trying , but the specifics are lacking in your answers. When it is in neutral and not shaking are you moving or not. Both need answers. What happens when you are stopped and rev it up to a steady higher rpm?
  14. HOW torn?

    This is like a ****ing game of 20 questions. Purple giraffe with glasses?

  15. tanavy3e.jpg ubyjusad.jpg

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  16. Yeeeaaaah. Fix that before you do anything else, and that includes driving the car.
  17. Will a lower torque box reinforcement fix the problem?

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  18. You have more than one problem. I do not see how a structural issue back there could cause a vibration you think may be an engine or clutch issue. Weld this up, check the bushings in the arm ends, then let us know the answers to the other questions. Or go to a pro. Your choice.
  19. I don't even see sub-frame connectors on that car. You do realize that these needed them from the factory, right?

    That would be the next step after getting the torque boxes properly repaired.
  20. Noobz, subframe connectors will not fix the vibration or the loose electronic connector in the pic. This is a project with multiple problems. I agree while the interior is out for welding subframe connectors might as well be put in. At this point, I would have a frame shop do it to make it all square. No need for it to dog trot down the road like an abused pickup.