35th Anniv Uncomfortable seats

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by ZakeriD, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. I was thinking about putting new seats in the 35th... any sugestions? I really can't stand the factory seats.
  2. Im thinking of putting the Black/Silver suede 03/04 cobra seats in mine. Probably will do it in the spring. Best part about it they match the black/silver already on the 35th seats, so it works out great.
  3. do you know if they are constructed differently than the 35th?
  4. The seat frames themselves are pretty much the same, but they are padded differently and different leather is used. Its like a totally different seat and they feel GREAT!
  5. By far the 35th seats are the best looking seats ever put into a Mustangs and I would also have to agree that they are not the most comfortable.
    Only if the Cobra seats were not so expensive.
  6. i agree 100%... I wonder if I could get the cobra seats and recover with the 35th covers? I know it would be a pain in the rear.
  7. Probably more trouble than you'd think. Since the Cobra seats have more bolstering, I don't think the 35th covers would be big enough.

    A custom job would be the besy way to go, but probably $$$ also.
  8. do you have any idea if there is a difference b/t the coupe and convertible seats?
  9. I don't know for sure, there may be some difference in the rear only.
  10. Rear convertible/coupe seats are different, one will not fit in the other, but the fronts are universal.
  11. that is what i thought but a seller was saying otherwise...
  12. my interior is in good condition... just not comfortable.
  13. I know. I was just lettin' people know . . . . . .