Under Car Neons/LEDs

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  1. Since these things are illigal in most states and provinces, what do you guys do to not get caught? Do you use police scanners and shut em off when cops are around or do cops not really care about them much? Whats the deal cause I wana get some for my stang, but I dun wana gett a $150 ticket every time a cop feels like ass raping me :(
  2. This is what I do to not get caught. . .

    I don't use neons!

    To me, they look View attachment 511270

    Seriously, spend your money on something to make your car faster.
  3. I don't like neons but if you like them go for it because it's your money and your car. I think people don't use them alot. They only use them at shows, when they show off there car,take pictures, ect. I also guess that people turn them on for a while on the streets and then they turn them off. Hope this hellps.

  4. Neons are the gayest **** ever. If your gonna put neons on ur stang u might as well put 56 stickers and a picnictable on the decklid. Neons are gay and so r u if u put them on ur stang. Way to ruin a nice car :notnice:

  5. Hey Man thats a little rude.. If the guy likes Neon's he likes Neons..

    Everyone has different tastes.. Heck even I liked neons when i was 16 (ok so that was ALONG time ago but anyway...)
  6. :stupid: To each there own. I don't like neons but it's his car and his money.
  7. aw get off the guy, if he likes him he likes him...maybe 5.0's are gay? or avitars that are yellow are stupid? haha..im just making a point, if it floats it it floats it..but its basically the bulb, if u can see the bulb its a no no, just do a good job of hiding the bulb, some underbodys have like strip of foil on the tube so u can turn it and face the light under the car but it makes it so the actually lightbult isnt visible, but then again i think in arkansas only emergency vehicles ( cops, ems, ect) can have red or blue, i live in texas, so i donno, check ur states laws..but honestly cops will be pricks to be pricks, so even if they are legal, they'd find a way
  8. I like neons, but maybe because I am 16. I live in Oregon and I hear that as long as the cop can not see the actual neon then they are as leagal as painting your can blue. Thats just what I hear ask a cop if they are leagal in your state, mayeb they are.

  9. :fuss:

    Yellow avitars rocks. I know you were making a point but I had to make this one loud and clear. :banana:
  10. I think neons look good if not used to excessively. On my last '00 Black Gt I have two blue tubes under the car on both sides. I don't like the way they look on the front and back. On my current car, I have two 6" mini blue neons on both sides of my overhead light. Gives a good looking clean effect against the guages on the pillar and the reverse indiglos.
  11. ya I have a blue neon that hangs on that strip just before the hatch. its aweseome cause it lights up my sound system and looks real ****en when you can see the sub poppin thru the rear window :D that light also illuminates the interior of my car as well.

    Never heard about the bulb visibility thing before tho! thats awesome if its the same here :D so it really doesnt matter if the light can be seen if the bulb is hidden?
  12. lol
  13. in my statwe neons arent against the law as long as they arent the sam color as a cops lights when flashing or something like that
  14. Neons are ghetto, to do that to a stang should be illegal, you may as well put a big homie muffler hanging out the back of it.
  15. By homie muffler, do you be one of those huge ass fart cans?

  16. Thats not right at all. I have never heard of anything being legal on a car ( that should not be ) just b/c the cop does not see it. Thats like saying O/R H and X pipes are leagal just as long as the cop does not see that it has no cats. The Neons are either leagl or there not, it has nothing to do w/ weather the cop see's them.
  17. I had a set of neons on my stang, only because the previous owner had them on there....I used them when I was parked up a store once, and realized how F'n stupid I looked, and took them off the next morning and put them in the trash.

  18. :stupid:

  19. you know, wow your special, you just basically repeated everything everyone above you said, way to "try and fit in" Basically you all are very stereotypical, I think neons on stangs look good depending on the install and color combination. my stand has led neons that can change colors. Driving down the road the neons turn heads ALOT more then a hood, or something will, at night at least. If neons were "gay" im sure they wouldnt sell thousands of kits weekly. As far as the law is concerned in kansas, its as long as the cop can not see the actual bulb(s) you are alright, and also all colors are legal except for red, and they can not be flashing.

    View attachment 509825

    My stang at night. As far as flaming is concerned? Either a. your worried about what others might say but you actually do like them or b. you just want to fit in

    Neons are a thing you either like them, or you dont. But just because i dont like your face, i dont sit here and talk **** on it, and just because my house is nicer then yours i dont make fun of your broke ***.

    edit - you may spend like 6 grand on your car to make it fast, well i hate to tell you but as much money as you spend putting into your car there will always be one faster. Im contempt with my high 14 second mustang. Id rather it look good, sound good, and place in a show, not to mention have everyone look at while driving by then have a low 12 second car. lets face is a 14 second car will win some and loose some, but so will a 12 second car. Also, lets say a set of underdrive pulleys you put on your car, makes not much but like hmm 5 hp to the wheels (estimating) theres a set of neons right there...... So hey give up 5 and turn more heads.
  20. :stupid: :nice:

    Looks awesome dude :hail2:
    I want the color changing ones, but I will prolly just settle with blue, which is prolly the best color for it anyways :D

    When I finally get to that part I will post my car with em on too. Im building up an '84 cherry red hatchback, so we will see when all is said and done :)