Under Car Neons/LEDs

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  1. I make it a point myself not to say not nice things about other people's cars on here. Sometimes I should even post more nice things, because there really are some awesome cars on here. Not everyone will agree with everything you do to your car. I got my neons about 3 yrs ago. I had wanted neons probably 15 yrs ago when I was in High School, but couldn't afford them. Now that I have them, I only turn them on at the night cruises, never on the road or anywhere else. If I had known then that I wouldn't use them much, then I would have spent the $ on something else. But anyway here is a pic I took the other morning, right before dawn.

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  2. I know everybody has their own preference as to what looks good and what belongs on our cars, but I think the lights look good. I definitely want the GO for the car, but I feel that the SHOW portion is just as important, if not a little more so. Here are a couple pics, I have a 15 color LED kit, and I use it on rare occasions like during the night car shows. It is true, it turns a lot of heads! As for that relevence to rice... bah... to each his own.


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  3. :drool:

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  4. I'm glad someone else likes 'em too :D
  5. well i agree, if i would have known when i had them that i wouldnt use them that much, i woulntd have spent the money...and also..yea in MAINE maybe u havent heard anything, but like i said check ur state, in TEXAS, u cant see the bulb or it is illigal , and as well as in arkansas they cant be blue or green...it does just depend on the person, as well as the application, i agree with mustangGTman, u cant slap red neons on a green car or have them hanging on with duct tape, if its a good match and a good location and install, they come out alright looking, this is a never ending "argument" really, opinons are opinions
  6. ive got the blue neon headlight strobes. im still try to find the time to hook them up.what color undercar neon would go with rio red.

  7. I sooo agree!!
  8. Ok you guys are horrible, neons yes, neons no.. who care as long as he likes it.. honestly i was thinking about putting them on my stang at on time, but decided not too and this will really get you guys i also thought about the LAMBO DOORS and decided not too.

    As for making a mustang look like rice, i get that sometimes. because i have a black widow front and back bodykit with Saleen Y2K side skirts and a Y2K cobra hood and wing.
    I was going for the Y2K cobra look from a 94 GT at the time that was all that was on the market. Now they have the front available but everywhere i go peeps love the way my car looks so i'm not changing it..

    If you want neons then do your thing and enjoy your car..
  9. Hey man it is your car so do what you want , you are the one that has to be happy with it. The only way to know for sure if they are legal is look into the laws in your state and town yourself.
  10. If it makes you feel any better, even I have have a Street Glow Gold series Neon Red under car kit on my car. 4 bulbs too.
  11. BTW, I got fined once for it. It was like a 60 dollar ticket. :p
  12. I don't have neons, I have a radioactive toxic waste spill under my car that has a green glow to the ooze. Does anyone know anyone that could clean up a hazmat spill?

    No one?

    Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep glowing at the shows and cruises and taking the "wow thats cool" from the spectators.

    Cruize On :spot:

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  13. I should try to take a newer picture, but this will work for now......

    Exterior Lighting:
    Blue underglow
    blue lighted side scoops
    blue lighted grille
    blue lighted washer nozzles
    custom mounted 3" round fogs with blue light in bottom.

    Interior Lighting:
    Map and dome light redone in blur LEDs
    Blue lighted shift boot
    blue lighted footwells
    blue radio bar that pulses to music.


    I've driven past cops before with them on and haven't been stopped yet......
    plus I'm in NJ where they are illegal. maybe the cops here in town just don't give a shyt.
  14. I like neons :shrug: But the best ones are ICELED neons :drool: :drool: :drool: