Fox Undercoat Color

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  1. Anyone know the original color that the underbody of the car was painted from the factory? I believe it was a grey primer? Flat, semi gloss? Specific "ford" primer color? I am going to shoot tinted raptor liner next spring and want it to be as close as possible.
  2. A little tip about the raptor liner. If you shoot it at a higher pressure (70 psi) and hold the gun at least 8-12 inches away, you'll get a real nice 40 grit sandpaper finish look. If you bought the kit, you'll have enough to do three coats on the entire underbody and extra heavy coats in the wheel wells.

    Can't help you with the factory color though.
  3. I would go the same color as your car or, close to it.
  4. I believe I "discovered" it from your thread. After scrubbing the heck out of a spot on mine it looks like just a flat grey primer was used. I'll just use old ford grey primer. I can deal with that
  5. I wonder if you can filter out the plastic bits from that undercoating. smooth would look much better
  6. Those rubber plugs on the floor?
  7. Na. The actual grit in the spray
  8. Raptor liner isn't a rubberized undercoating, so there are no particles in the spray. The textures comes from spraying at a higher pressure through a gun that does not atomize the paint. If you are looking for a smoother finish, you can thin the paint and spray it through a regular gun at a lower pressure. You'll have to check the instructions to see if thinning it that much is even possible.
  9. so this stuff sounds too good to be true. whats the catch?