Underdrive pullies? Yes or No

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fivelitercoupe, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Do you guys think there worth it? I know they make the car run a little bit hotter which isnt that big of a deal. And if so what brand would you recomend running? Thanks for your help guys...
  2. ive got the March pullies and so do alot of my buddies. together we have not had any major problems. theyre a cool mod because you feel a change. if you go with March make sure to get the street pullies.
  3. Thanks a bunch 88lx... I'll deffinetly look into them.
  4. Pullies work great.. I just never ran the alt pulley to help retain as much charge as possible....
  5. I have the March power and amp series. No charging issues or overheating issues.
  6. Do you think there would be any charging problems with a 130amp. 3g. alt. w/ the alt. pulley and an elec. fan?
  7. Shouldnt be.
  8. i've had underdrives for about 2 years now and have had no charging probs or temp probs. I don't have a stereo in my car so that helps alot i'm sure. i've got my stock alt. and i run an electric fan and an msd box.
  9. most street type 3 pulley setups are worth 7-8hp. they are cheap and work great. make sure you get aluminum type, the steel ones are heavy and the less rotational weight of the aluminum ones give you a little extra hp.

  10. :nice: Me too.
  11. I have aluminum ASP pulleys, best mod I ever did. I felt alot more SOTP with pulleys then I did with headers and an H-pipe. No charging or cooling problems.
  12. I got asp pulleys i love them. i would get them if i were you :nice:
  13. Not at all

    I run a tiny race pulley and have an electric fan. With the 130 amp alt I have no trouble at all.
  14. you would only have to worrie about the changing if you had a stock alt.
  15. Thanks guys, I'm deffinetly gonna go buy some now. Only not sure which ones to go with though, you guys have said great things aobut the asp's and the march pullies that im stuck in the middle but I'll figure something out.... thanks again
  16. I've had March aluminum UDPs on from January 99 to this past November. Actually, I still have them with the exception of the water pump pulley which had to be changed to a steel one when I swapped out my harmonic balancer. Over the past 4 1/2 years the belt has slowly worn away the center section of the aluminum water pump pulley (you could definitely see the groove-it probably had close to 1/16" thickness left-if that). I was glad the balancer gave out when it did-it would have sucked to have that WP pulley give out on the road! Otherwise, I agree with the others--great bang for the buck!

  17. That's what I had to do to be able to run my U/D pulleys... May car got wayyyy too hot waiting in the staging lanes at the drag strip and wouldn't cool down properly with the stock clutch fan, even with my 31x19 Griffin aluminum radiator. Once I installed the electric fan, there just wasn't enough juice from the stock alternator, so I went to a 3G... Now, everything works great, but the pulleys didn't make a noticable difference for me. I run ASP red anodized pulleys, and the alternator pulley in this kit is the exact same size as the stock pulley. You reduce the alternator RPMs at the crank with a smaller pulley. I think the alternator pulley is provided just so you have a matching set...

    In my opinion, I don't think they're worth the hassle...