Mach 1 underdrive pullies

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  1. thinking bout puttin some underdrive pullies on my mach 1 but dont want to overwork the engine ??? help please
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  3. Most Mach owners will tell you NOT to put them on a Mach. They will damage your engine. But I have seen people on Mach1Registry that still have them on their Mach with no problems so far. A test from Hot Rod magazine with Underdrive Pullies on a Mach showed an actual loss of horsepower with them.
  4. well thanks what do u think of this steeda cold air,preformance raideator,hi flo headers biger down pipe mac prochamber cheery bombs cats + mufflers,chip,2in more of rubber on tires to get the look of lowering it but really higherin it + steeda strut tower bar
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  6. Since you want to go with a Steeda CAI and a Steeda STB, their should be no clearance problems with the CAI and STB. You have to watch for that if you were going with different brands. You should be fine with the stock radiator, but you should probably get the Canton Overflow Tank that goes on top if you plan to race alot. One guy on Mach1Registry said his stock overflow tank exploded when he was drag racing. As for headers, that's a good mod worth 15RWHP if you get the long tubes. Make sure you find a midpipe that will fit them. As for Catback, I don't know what a cherry bomb Catback sounds like. I've got Magnaflow Magnapacks which is a sort of a glasspacky sound. Others with far more useful knowledge than me should chime in. If you have'nt already, make sure you register over at . Tons of us Machers over there. :nice:
  7. Just a little trivia. The Mach 1 comes from the factory with 1 underdrive pulley installed, on the alternator.

    The use of underdrive pulleys on Mach1 engines does not seem to be of any benefit as far as power gains. They have also been directly linked to the complete failure of the engine's stock oil pump. I would definitely stay away from them.